Fuck it all and fuck you(all the people around the world) too.

ok maybe not it all, but definitely the Thesis part of my thesis track MA.

I have officially changed to the non-thesis track. Call it chicken, call it laziness, call it lack of motivation, call it I have been doing this for too long for it to matter any more.

I dont want to write the thesis any more. I dont want to write the thesis any more. I dont want to do the independent research and focus for the next few years. I want to stop thinking about it. I want to stop thinking. I want to stop. I want to. I want. I. The past year sucked so much that it actually hurts to think of doing anything similiar this year.

Changes to education:
Thesis down the crapper and flushed several times.
I am taking History of the English Language with Dr Honegger.
I am only taking one course. I have already ordered the book and plan to finish it before the mid term.
I will graduate this semester. Maybe I will publish parts of my thesis maybe I wont. I will definitely be working on publishing the williams paper.
fuck anything else.

Changes to teaching(following in Mary’s footsteps):
I will NOT read the syllabus to my students.
I will NOT be giving a diagnostic essay.
I will begin by teaching. I was having a hard time fitting everything in. Well not anymore.
Time for the college students to start acting like college students and the adults they are suppose to be.
I am teaching english 91 and 92. The students have already taken one or more tests to get into this class, so far be it for me to say that they are in the wrong class. Every year I give this and every year its another report I read and hand back. Its a waste of the day.
I plan to spend the first day discussing the English Language and by asking them questions I can figure out what I need to focus on.

ok thats all the changes.
dont want to get drastic here.


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0 Responses to Fuck it all and fuck you(all the people around the world) too.

  1. dramke says:

    Hooray!!! After the last two years, you deserve to do it the easy way. Or rather the easier way. Because what you are going to do will once again be harder than most people would think of doing it. I do hope that your hard work does get recognized! We, and I feel I talk for everyone that knows you, are proud of you. We wish for you an enjoyable year despite the hard work, because you deserve that.

  2. arglor says:

    Awesome. Then perhaps you can get out of Louisiana. Perhaps even go to michigan/washington/tokyo etc and i can come and visit you. It would be nice. It certainly is a new year.

  3. mayfly says:

    and the NYU EWP’s nazi pedagogical theory spreads… p.s. it’s fine and dandy to treat them like adults who will go home and read, but don’t expect them to actually go home and read the syllabus on their own, unless you threaten them with a quiz – a friend of mine does this as a joke on the first day, which, she says, if delivered correctly can be so ambiguous as to confuse them into reading it just in case before they come back. bwahaha. i think i’m gonna try that this semester. last semester i had a few students ask questions about issues covered by the syllabus throughout the semester. however, i did enjoy responding to these questions with a kind of numb stare, followed by the mouthing of the word “syllabus,” while winking and nodding. it’s fun!!! p.p.s. i am very glad that you decided to take the class, and happy for you that you even got to choose which one! enjoy your semester, and graduation in may, and the exciting process of deciding where y’all will move! congrats.

  4. girlbean says:

    Wow! Go, Wilbur. This is gonna be your semester.

  5. mealymel says:

    amen! you know, just do it your way, like the song says, and everything will be fine. i like this syllabus/nyu nazi thing. i, too, may have to follow in mary’s footsteps next semester. too late now.