so it begins . . .

Challengs to Roe vs Wade

Dubai’s take over

White house is on the job.

After a little a hand slap

FEMA – a four letter word

Why am I under the believe that we are witnessing the glory of America fade?


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  1. dramke says:

    I sometimes feel as if I am back in college during the 60’s. We are at war. We are being run by a Texan. We are being run by an idiot but a con man also. Hopefully, as in the early days, someone will come along and add some dignity and sense to our existence. Hopefully, we have not become so egotistical that we can see things for the way they are and make a change for the BETTER. These are “big hopes” I know.

  2. mayfly says:

    i myself have a hard time remembering any time that i thought of this country that way… but i was raised by hippies.

  3. dramke says:

    there were brief periods when we felt we were doing things better especially after the vwar ended. during my childhood, the concept of being blown up was ever present due to my home’s location. we were constantly having to evacuate our schools. the positive things that gave me hope. the fact that we were no longer governed by johnson was a hopeful thought. the success of the civil rights movement was a positive feeling (though it seems to be limited now). compared to what I grew up with this gave me a sense of dignity and slight reprieve from the ever present distaste. but for the last few years my distaste has grown to where I can’t even enjoy my free time, because of the stupidity of the man in power. i guess i am going to have to become a hermit and avoid the news completely. I only hope that your generation can suceed in fixing some of the problems at least. mine tried but it appears to have failed once again…because we created the group that elected Bush! but there is a candidate out there that I am seriously thinking of actually contributing to. that is the young lady from illinois. All headers check her out if you have time. i can’t vote for her, but i hope to help her.