unnamed rant – 2-March-2001 – stumbled upon while searching for my MA Comp answers – posted unedited

watch the type word words useless words foreign languages slang code nothing to signify the end holds her breath stop the words and he dies start the end and silence will reign
i want my dancing images to pass the time, dojnt want to see the words play across white screen give me images and sound clips and moving pictures of man raping a woman in a dusty bar, black man beaten by cops, black burning corspe legs curling backwards, flowing faucet blood out of rotten governor head, these are the images to make me forget words because words become useless when a society accepts these when fiction becomes fact no need for special effects truth becomes the greater fiction soon gameshow contestants will kill for money, they already lie, and people call me moraless because I dont believe in a god, can a god allow this would a god allow this, i would hope there is no god than one blind or insane or sadistic enough to allow humans their pleasures, is it ok for a man to fantasize about having sex with girls, should he be lock away, whose authority why not lock up everyone who has thought about killing or maiming or even just slapping another when does it end should it end are we still evolving are have we started regressing we worry about unborn children yet watch are fellow humans starve because food needs to rot in grain silos for farmers to become rich rich who needs riches that has a good name, written on a baptist church which asks for donations every sermon why doesnt god provide for it’s followers

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