where’s wilbur?

quick note:

I am finishing my MA this semester.
Next Thursday at 2:00pm, I will be taking my oral defense. As you remember, I dropped the thesis part to finish since everything that happened with the Hurricane. This means that I have no idea what they are really going to ask me. It could go anywhere. I am preparing for it as best I can.

HEL is going well. Hard to fail a class that I am interested in.

So next Thursday we will know finally if I have the shit.


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0 Responses to where’s wilbur?

  1. mealymel says:

    Yay! I’m glad you’ll finally be done… finally.

  2. dramke says:

    We all have our fingers crossed…and our toes. That’s a hard trick you know.

  3. mayfly says:

    you’ll do fine!

  4. girlbean says:

    Hey, remember what you told me? Intelligent conversation between a few people? Yeah. That’s all. You will do well and then you will be a masta.

  5. arglor says:

    You can always go the Sartre way, and deny their existence when they ask anything really tough. It is easy, just say, “You are not being authentic to you. You are merely being what the university has defined you to be, an instructor. Break the molds of instruction, and assist me obtain my masta degree. ” BUT PLEASE REMEMBER! Sartre wasn’t a very popular person to be around. ONLY USE THIS IN EMERGENCIES! Because it won’t help you pass, but it will help you make your name well known ;). rebels are always popular.