Man, is it the second week already.

This semester is going to go by fast especially with the IEP classes (only 8 weeks of classes).

I have no routine yet, just running around trying to keep my head screwed on. I now spend so much time at ULL. I havent spent this much time since I was taking Dr Anderson’s Beowulf course.
My students seem to be nice. Though I know they are trying to weasel out of assignments. Its funny the difference between Community College and University. I havent taught at the University in a year and its striking.

University Students, for the most part, realize this is different than high school. I didnt get that from the CC students. I was also teaching 90 and 92, so maybe that is part of it. Another nice difference is the age of the students. Though I was able to teach a few older students at CC. Most especially the New Iberia classes were in their late teen years. It is refreshing to have students answering questions like adults instead of only repeating what others have said.

360 will be interesting. The book we are using is Everything is an Argument. We “debated” last night the idea of who brings meaning to a TEXT – written, spoken, or visual. Is it the author or the audience? They actually defended their beliefs and understood what I was saying (within reason). Actually nice to allow the class to teach itself.
Ill try to post more later.

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