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Due to my ability to leave, I climbed into my trusty truck and headed again toward Dallas then Odessa. As always, my visit with Aunt Olga was fantastic. We talked and talked way too much. I had to watch tv in the living room just to get her to take a nap. We both are bad about not wanting to be away from each other.
I was able to play with Pat’s grandson 🙂me-and-john09
Then I was able to contact Eric and visit with him and his precious daughter, Amber. It is amazing how much she reminds me of Julie Ramke and her mother Aunt Melba. She is four years old and is truly verbal. She is very bright. eric-and-amber
I went to Claudine’s on Thursday after Eric’s visit. She was completely bedridden. Oh, she gets up in the wheel chair for her meals. She even takes time to sit in the living room and read to her sitter. She watches television at night and sleeps occasionally. It is hard to be with her. But if she was closer, i would travel more to see her. I miss her, but it hurts to know that she will be gone soon and I will not be able to see her again. Today was her birthday, 72 years old. She is older than Marlene and Anna, but still too young to die.

April 19th, 2009 at 1:50 pm

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