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June: Well, this summer has begun very quiet except for moving Trey and Amanda into the chateaux. The only problems we had with that was getting the cabinets finished. They had to move in before it could be done. They seem to have done well despite it. We, all, settled into a rather quiet and relaxing routine. Of course, Steve and Trey had to get up every morning and go to work. But Amanda and I enjoyed the peace and quiet. During June, I visited with friends and really goofed off. Besides, cooking, washing clothes, going through boxes, my June was boring for some people. BUT wonderful for me. Weather wise, it was VERY hot. In fact, we had recorded temperatures of 99 thru 101. No rain! (Except for the 29th..1 inch) These were records for us. Usually, June starts with rain and rains a lot. Not a hint of hurricanes. We are not getting excited, but we are hopeful.
July: It began as normal. Very hot around 97, but we did have two days during the second week that actually gave us 3 inches of rain. In comparing the two months, the temperature averaged around 95 to 88. This is extremely unusual. July has always been very warm. We are hoping that August will be the same. (That usually when we see the 100 degree temperatures), but June beat it this year. The month became nicer, but the plans for my big trip began the second week of July. Michelle and I finally got to touch base and decided that we would be leaving on the 25th and meeting in Dallas. This is when I received a very unpleasant situation. I received a message from Pat that she was very hurt about not learning about the trip. This was on the 14th of July. She told me when I called her that she was very upset and felt that I was taking advantage of them. I had asked during the last trip and had not realized that I had to ask her again. I knew I had to inform her of dates, but thought she was out of town on her Europe trip. Well, I decided then that I would set my visit up around staying in a motel. From now on, I will not plan to stay with her at all.
Michelle and I met in Dallas at the Super 8 hotel. It was alright, but I will not stay there again. I visited with Aunt Olga and Pat that evening then returned to the motel for the night. It made me very sad to leave Aunt Olga. Pat told me that if I did not have a place to come back to spend the night with them. I decided to do it for one night.
Our trip to Little Rock was fantastic. We talked ninety to nothing (well, at least I did) all the way. It took us five hours to get there, because I was “pokey” as Michelle said. But primarily, I had to stop too much. We stayed with John and his Michelle for two days. It was great. We enjoyed talking and visiting. I was glad that they did not want to run around. I enjoyed being with the baby, Annabella Marie, and holding her. We went to Cheryl and Bobbie David for lunch on Tuesday. I had promised them that we would visit for a little while. At the lunch was Carlin, Vivian, and Christine. It was a fantastic visit. Even Michelle had fun.
They planned a birthday cake for me and so did John!!! So my birthday was the biggest I have ever had. Two birthday cakes. That is a record. hehe
I planned to start organizing my pictures so that I can begin the family book. Annabella Marie

July 31st, 2009 at 4:16 pm

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