Tinkering with the website

I have been tinkering with the website to make it more convient for myself, which in turn makes it more convient for people who want the same things as myself. If you will look to the right of the screen, you will see a new Recent Discussion section of the website, which instead of listing previous threads, which seemed to me to be a little redundant, now shows the current topics of discussion. I am in the process of updating the code for the integration and I hope to redo the recent discussion, but it doesnt seem to be working (at least this way works). If you see any problems, or better yet, if there is anything you would like this webpage to do, post a reply to this. I am trying to integrate the restricted posts into the phpbb usergroup categories, so its a little more secure and harder to circuvent. then I can post to my hearts content about “stuff” that might offend the “children”. hehe

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  1. horselover_fat says:

    [quote:2f98527fc3]if there is anything you would like this webpage to do, post a reply to this[/quote:2f98527fc3] heh…[i:2f98527fc3]anything[/i:2f98527fc3]? No, but seriously, looking at your front page, I would consider moving the calendar down a bit. That way you can move the links/recent discussion up to a more visible spot on the front page. I would [i:2f98527fc3]almost[/i:2f98527fc3] consider moving the photo realist picture down as well (to move the links/recent discussion up even further), but I think it serves the purpose of enhancing the overall look of the front page, you know, from a design perspective. Maybe tinker around with the font for the stuff on the right side of the page to make it stand out from the stuff on the left side. Thats my $0.02 Ron. (Well, you [i:2f98527fc3]asked[/i:2f98527fc3])

  2. mayfly says:

    i wish that the website would track what threads AND comments i’ve already read and let me know when i log in if there have been any new threads and comments and maybe link to them. i think something similar to this is done on the boards (i seem to recall something about a bold highlighting and some text like “1 new message” appearing next to a thread subject), but the posts on blogs don’t seem to go to the boards right away, in fact nietzsche and bartleby and zarathustra only post to the boards when somebody responds to said posts with a comment (right?), so if i look only at the boards i miss the posting of new threads. it’s inconvenient to have to skip around from blog to blog to blog to check for new stuff. wish there was some central place where i could check to see if there was anything at all new. does that make any sense? just ignore me if it doesn’t. or, if this is already something that can be done, tell me how.

  3. wduluoz says:

    David had mentioned something like this. I am working on implementing a forum subscription list. It would be through the boards though. I am working on making the messages post at the time of creation. The biggest problem is when you remake the post, such as edit, it will repost an entry. I could create a single page where everyone’s post is listed in the order they were posted, but that defeats the purpose of having separate blogs. Wilbur