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May 11, 2005

We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

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RE: Summer 2005 Class Schedule

Dear Student:

We are experiencing delays in the processing of summer financial aid because of technical difficulties. As a result, to reserve your summer 2005 schedule without having to wait in potentially long lines for a deferment, please log into the ULink Portal, choose the student tab, and click on the Financial Aid Tuition Deferment for Summer 2005 link.

Those fuckers.

They’re just going to leave me hanging, aren’t they?


4 Responses to “We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties”

  1. wduluoz Says:

    Welcome back to the hell that is UL@L admissions and financial aid. I am currently waiting for a PAC number. They dont know why I dont have one and cant figure out how to give me one. Wilbur

  2. horselover_fat Says:

    The sad thing is, I’m waiting for the “we regret to inform you” letter. I know it’s coming; I know how the system works. I want to hurry up and get it so I can see what kind of appeal options I have. Fucking hell, man, the semester starts in less than a month. Ron.

  3. mealymel Says:

    Several times, as both graduate and undergraduate student at ULL, I got financial aid checks in Decemeber. Mind you, these were my checks for the FALL SEMESTER. Not to be a wet blanket or anything, but I thought I’d share.

  4. wduluoz Says:

    I am no longer a graduate student. Seems that not enrolling this semester was worst than I thought. Now, I must re-enroll and hopefully I will be accepted. Wilbur