July 30, 2005

And so i have come home…

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Everyone says I look different. Mom says I look more handsome, she is a good liar i believe. Trey didn’t even recognize me when i walked into the hilton, he gave me the “fuck a customer” look. I was hurt for a brief second then he looked up again and was shocked when I shrugged.

Shame that eh?

I’m home. Chatting with family. Its nice. I think i just angered dad. I thought i could write this, but who knew my family wants to talk to me eh? hehe. Oh well i’m gone… Scheduled some free time to hang out tomorrow with Snaars. Hoping to get together with Ronnie Tuesday. It should be nice to be around friends.

P.S. My parents want to me fix a computer glitch with this internet connection. Apparently trey has messed around with and couldn’t come up with a solution, problem is if trey doesn’t know the answer i’m going to be sore pressed. Let’s see if we can get the computer working.

P.S.S I’m tired. long trip

July 23, 2005

finally… it has happened to me… blah blah blah

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The evils of soft rock/disco. Imagine the scenario, I work in an office smaller then my apartment and it has the above choices of music acting as a medium for my worktime experience. Its annoying…

Tonight D- is coming over with his brother and his brother’s girlfriend to play poker. It should be fun. Don’t think its going to be for real money though, which is good i guess.

I went to see the puppet opera, that was kewl.

Ok here i go, the real topic i want to discuss are the recent rash of bombings. Apparently london has been struck twice, and egypt has also been struck. It is not looking good. They now have places setup near subways that allow police to check baggages before getting on subways. If you don’t let them check the bags you can’t get on the subway.

Pros: We are safer…….. right? I mean if they check the backpacks before getting on the subway, then terrorists won’t bring bombs onto the trains right? But what if the terrorist didn’t know about the bomb screening brings the bomb and activates it at the bomb screening part? always wondered about that. Is the bomb screening part of the subway bomb proof? or will people still be killed? because i’ve seen the airport screening parts and if someone were to bring a bomb there and activate it, the lives lost would be pretty devastating.

Cons: We lose our right to privacy right? Well lets think about this, have we really ever had a right to privacy? Does such a right even exist? I mean we allow people, in most part, the right to think as they want, but in the streets you lose pretty much any right to privacy. You cannot carry concieled fire-arms, etc. What about unlawful search and seizure? well what exactly is unlawful? i mean the word law references a body of rules and regulations that is mobile and maleable. In other words, Laws change. It is unlawful to commit sodomy in the state of louisiana to this day, but we all understand that sodomy occurs in new orleans on a daily basis. It was unlawful to sneeze on the streets of new york, but it is not unlawful now. The beauty of laws is that they change over time, but it is also the negative side. See we appeal to moral standards that are understood as unchanging in order to bolster the laws we create for society. My point is that i am not sure there is a moral law that states you have the right to walk around the streets with bags that are not able to be checked.


major but… there is not a moral code/law/understanding that i know of that dictates one individual (call him/her a policeman/woman if you want) the right to examine every single object and pass judgement on the person they examine. Point in fact, the movie Crash gives a damn good example of this. Police are humans also, and as such they fall under specific human flaws. It is all about being human. I am not sure i agree with giving one human the right of power over another human just because they demonstrate the ability to go to school for a couple months and learn the memoranda necessary. I don’t have the answer. I just have this testimonial:

I woke up one morning and walked out of my house and entered the path train and like usual i met the path train guards and nodded, smiled and said good morning. The following morning i walked out of my house and into the path train and the same guard i had nodded to and smiled to was holding an automatic rifle. Behind him was his partner with the same plastic strap hung around his neck. They didn’t do anything else except that one modication. The whole situation was changed. I never smiled and nodded at him again.

The absurdity of the situation struck me. What the hell was the mandate for the automatic rifle to be present between me and this officer? What could they possibly have hoped to accomplish other then a show of force. I’ve gone back to my smile and nod as time has progressed, but every-so-often they don the rifle again. As time passes i’m reminded again and again exactly why the prisoners never rebel against the prison guards, and time again it strikes me that the prison guards don’t even understand the parameters of the prison they also find themselves within.

July 20, 2005

Adaptation and more…

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Good news:
(woman who holds the fate of my computer in her hand) called. She said she was delaying the check because there was a chance i could get my hard drives back. She said they have a tracer out for the box and that they will try and find it and remove the hard drives and send them to me. They will deduct the cost of the hard drives and refund the rest of the money when they come across the hard drives, if they are able to do this.

I watched adaptation tonight again, for the third time. I really love that movie. I will post more about my love later, when i have more time. I can’t write when someone reads over my sholders and corrects words every second mocking me. Because of this, i told the woman i love to get out of the room. She got pissed. So now i have to find a way to make it up to her, i really hate it when she corrects me as i type though.


July 19, 2005

never write angrily

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things always appear more humourous in your mind then they do in text. My recent jaunts into snaarsissism-land have proven explosive to those around me. Any attempts at humour on his blog has fallen like lead balloons.

Excuse # 345 for why posts have been sparse:
– I go to scho-hehe work every day and come home whereby i am usually not allowed to play on the computer due to several distinct reasons.
1) Mary would like to spend time with me, go figure.
2) Mary would like to spend time with the computer, go figure.
3) I’m in a generalized bad mood and don’t feel like touching it.
4) Plans have brough me elsewhere, and not within the use of the computer.

Anyways nuff excuses…. when i get my own computer i will make more posts, i promise.

When it comes down to it this is the crux of my life right now. I’ve been away from my own computer for over a month, going on two months. Work has been going well, but i can’t decompress because i can’t unplug myself. I’ve noticed a general degredation in my mood as the days go further and further away from having shipped my computer off.

It isn’t just because i have a computer, but in the end it is also because i’m clueless as to the goings-on of my computer situation. I have yet to recieve any form of compensation, but ups has officially robbed me of my damaged pc. This depresses me tremendously because at least before i could try and salvage it, now i’m dangling on a thin line that could or could not have broken. That thin line is the line supplied by ups in the hopes of compensation.

So imagine me a shadow and here is a quote

If we shadows have offended,
Think but this, and all is mended,
That you have but slumber’d here
While these visions did appear.
And this weak and idle theme,
No more yielding but a dream,
Gentles, do not reprehend:
if you pardon, we will mend:
And, as I am an honest Puck,
If we have unearned luck
Now to ‘scape the serpent’s tongue,
We will make amends ere long;
Else the Puck a liar call;
So, good night unto you all.
Give me your hands, if we be friends,
And Robin shall restore amends.

July 10, 2005

chat conversation, that occured between me trey and stryx with brief opinions shared by my love Mayfly…. on happypoet… this is to keep you guys up to date on the ups saga…

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# WDuluoz : but when you have a name like yours I should have known you were family
# stryxdomina : i’m not family?!*
# WDuluoz : well, when you first signed up I didnt know who the hell you were
# stryxdomina : “o
# stryxdomina : owl lady
# WDuluoz : ah
# WDuluoz : no wonder the icon
# stryxdomina : light dawns
# WDuluoz : well, you know, Im slow sometimes hehe
# stryxdomina : could be the lack of sleep
# WDuluoz : david likes to call people by their login names and i have to do a little decrypting to figure out who he is talking about
# WDuluoz : well I think I got the login working hehe
# stryxdomina : what login
# WDuluoz : oh, I am setting up a system to combine both the board login and the blog login, so you the users dont have to remember two logins and remember to login into both places
# WDuluoz : basically its going to work off the boards
# stryxdomina : that would be nice
# WDuluoz : yeah there are some nice features to this blog, but I cant use them if I cant integrate the logins without it being a pain
# WDuluoz : and the integration seems to be working
# WDuluoz : so I can go to bed and rest easy hehe
# stryxdomina : again, goodnight
# WDuluoz : goodnight, was good talking to you
# stryxdomina : we must do this more
# WDuluoz : are you able to read mother’s boards?
# stryxdomina : i haven’t tried yet, i will let you know tomorrow
# WDuluoz : ok, I put you as part of the family so you should be able to, goodnight
# Arglor : hello
# Arglor : how are you?
# Arglor : alllo moto….
# WDuluoz : anyone here?
# WDuluoz : cool, I told her you would be on tonight, but I think she went to bed hehe
# WDuluoz : my god, I cant stop coughing
# stryxdomina : if you are talking to me i don’t know wtf phpbb is
# WDuluoz : david any word from ups?
# Arglor : hehe here is a good one… as soon as i voted for its the greatest… and it crashed… i wanted to change my vote… apparently changing votes don’t work 😉
# WDuluoz : hehe I ws talking to david
# Arglor : yeah they hate me….
# Arglor : its official
# WDuluoz : you cant change your vote
# WDuluoz : oh, what did they say when you asked for the harddrives back,heh
# Arglor : mary speaking: david got BANNED from EVER calling the lady at allied services again because he lost it :mrgreen:
# WDuluoz : banned by who?
# WDuluoz : and you are too quick with those little smilies you must be a cyberchat nut
# Arglor : i called ups and ups said to contact the shipper… so of course thats {name removed to protect the bitchy innocent… bitch..}… so i called {bitch}… and in a heated discussion on 40th street between 6th and 5th avenues… i got banned from every calling {bitch} again…
# Arglor : mary speaking: i’m not a cyberchat nut………….. anymore.
# WDuluoz : but who banned you, Mary or UPS?
# Arglor : {bitch}
# Arglor : {bitch} banned me
# WDuluoz : tell {bitch} to go fuck herself
# stryxdomina : what’s she gonna do, not help more than she’s not helping
# Arglor : it began like this… she called me back to tell me that a ups representative in new orleans said that it was tough luck about the hard drive…
# Arglor : i said that was ok…
# WDuluoz : hehe michelle
# Arglor : {bitch} replied that she couldn’t concieve of why i hadn’t thought about taking my hard drives off the claim before shipping it to them.. i quietly reminded her that no one had alerted me of ups picking up my pc till they knocked on my door
# WDuluoz : “quietly”?
# Arglor : i said i had had plans to get the information off the drives but all those plans were put on hold when ups showed up to pick up the unit…. now thinking i wouldn’t be able to do anything with them i said that they could take it due to no real choice
# Arglor : the it hit me that they could deduct it from the claim amount and give me my drives since i’m “building” my computer anyways…
# Arglor : or according to them i will..
# WDuluoz : and then {bitch} said something stupid, right?
# Arglor : {bitch} said, “you had a whole month to do this”
# Arglor : no correction
# Arglor : she said “you had two months to do this” in which place i replied quiet curtly “i’ve only lived in NYC for a fucking month……. how could–” couldn’t finish
# Arglor : she quickly replied that i shouldn’t speak to her in that tone and said never call me again… then hung up
# Arglor : i got off the street… thinking she thought i was “yelling” at here when in fact i was just talking over the hub-bub (ok i might have gotten a bit miffed at her antagonizing tones that this was all my fault)
# Arglor : and i called her back…………….
# WDuluoz : in which you called back and said,”ma’am I apologize, but if you talk to me like im an idiot, I will be happy to have my lawyer continue with any discussions.”
# Arglor : when i called her back she said in a very annoyed very high voice… “YES??!”
# Arglor : i said i’m sorry for my language….. due to the stress of the recent move and events “outside” my control i seem to be in a situation where i don’t want to be…. but…
# Arglor : you keep approaching this as though I chose to be in this situation… and to be quite frank i would have been very pleased had ups taken the steps necessary for my computer to be safely delivered to my doorstep in new jersey
# Arglor : so stop acting like it is my fault you are having to do your job…. my beef is with ups.. and ups guidelines state that you are the middle man/woman.. as such i must keep contact with you…. no one else…
# Arglor : she was quiet through this whole thing.. which was nice
# Arglor : but then she came back strong
# Arglor : and she said that she would call one more person… and then get back with me…. if she didn’t get back with me it wasn’t because she was ignoring me but it was because she had no infromation to give me…
# Arglor : then
# Arglor : she stated… “and here is a little advice.. i don’t know how old you are… but if you were my son i would – –
# Arglor : i interupted and said i’m 24 and to be quite frank i’m not your son……..
# WDuluoz : oh my god, if you were my son, damn, would you like me to go “talk” to this lady?
# Arglor : she continued… “well thats the same age as my son… and i will say that you need to double check your information… i fudged a lot of paperwork to get your claim through…
# Arglor : i interupted again… this time livid
# Arglor : – – Don’t you dare tell me you did something illegal or immoral for my benefit…. i asked you to do you job and recognize the failure of the united parcel systems with the destruction of my comptuer…
# Arglor : i am not in debt for you following protocol and getting insurence to pay for your shipping companies failure…
# Arglor : she replied… i did not lie… nor did i do anything illegal…. – – – there was silence… and i replied… “if your unable to get my hard drives from pheonix arizona shipped up here then i will accept the failure and learn never to do this again….
# Arglor : she said that she would get in contact with me… and not the other way around… so we mutually hung up… this was two days ago
# Arglor : thursday
# WDuluoz : hey amanda is going to ask bobby how much he would charge to contact her as your representative
# Arglor : oh yeah the new orleans lady said that as soon as the shipment was recieved by pheonix they “cut the check and sent it to me… so
# WDuluoz : ill tell you and you can decide, he might do it for free, maybe
# Arglor : its not a big deal… i’ll hire him in two weeks and we can straighten this out then
# Arglor : if they don’t get me the insurence money that is
# Arglor : excuse the mispellings..
# stryxdomina : i’m impressed, i have never been good at standing up for myself, especially with businesses that act like something is my fault
# stryxdomina : maybe that’s why i was stuck in wilcox so long when my truck broke down
# Arglor : mary speaking: that story’s a lot better when you hear it in person with david yelling and throwing his hands around and throwing cursewords in for good measure. i was cheering!!!

July 2, 2005


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This has to be the easiest game i’ve ever played. You see the rules are simple, you are tagged by another blogger and forced to divulge personal information. In this case, the information is related to my past. Apparently i need to divulge memories of my childhood.

1) The first childhood memory i have is one i’ve been thinking about for a while. My grandmother’s house that wduluoz now lives in, was a home of variously distinct and pleasant memories. There was the smell of cookies constantly because my grandmother used to cook them. There was the fold out metalic couch bed that always hurt my back. There were the dogs, but this is all surface stuff. The best memory i have from banker is lying on the newly cut grass staring into the sky as a swarm of black birds flew above me blacking out the sky. There were thousands and thousands of birds covering the sky. And they moved in syncronicity. Darting back and forth as they cut a path north toward their winter homes. The air was sharp and brisk. I remember the black cover lasting for five whole minutes and then like magic it was over.

2) The snow falls softly to the ground. I feel as though i’ve never seen snow before, but this is hoth and snow is our life. I can’t believe the emperials have found us. How could we have been so clumsy. I feel the grip of my gun as i wait for their invasion force. The snows covers the ground. Trees dot parts of the landscape and our base lies to my back. Out of no where the i hear the grinding metal of a walker. Pulling out my binoculars i see The walker approaching, oh no Trey is guiding it’s steps. I shiver wondering how easiest i can escape. Setting my blaster for high intensity i let several blaster shots rip through the air cutting through the outer armor of the walker. Suddenly the walker stops and trey jumps from it slipping behind a tree. All my shots miss horribly. I know i’m done for. He charges finally and i retreat to my base. He turns the corner and i let three shots out dead center, his death is my certainty. Out of no where a forcefield appears and saves his scrawny ass. I’m dumbfounded and he cuts me down with a lightsaber. …………………………………………………………………………………

“HEY i killed you”, i scream in anger.
“I had a force field that protects me, you need to do more then a little blaster to kill me.” he chides.
“I had set my blaster for high intensity… damnit… you never play fair.” Growling because i realize the odds of it ever snowing again in mississippi are slim to none, and i don’t really want to spend this snow-time arguing over the rules of the game. BUT DAMNIT THIS ISN’T FAIR!
So we play something else, we attempt to make a snowman. -> And so thats our snow story. More happened i’m sure but thats all i remember. Trey is a jackass. 😉 my blaster is obviously able to go through any forcefield…… its just necessary.

3) The time is 1989 ( date might be inaccurate), the place is Picayune Mississippi. I’ve just recieved word that there was a disturbance on the back 10. I grab my gear and mount my bike. Cutting out of the garage I burn my way out of the driveway. Hitting the highway i wonder about the cause of the disturbance. Making the loop I hit the driveway and make my way to the barn. There i see the abandoned bike betraying my prey. He always hides in the barn.

Gripping the breaks and feeling the rubber slide in rocks I drop the bike in my tracks and go into a crouch. Pulling old betsy from my back i stalk to the back edge of the barn and hear the tell tale signs of his location. 1, 2, 3, 4 pumps should be enough. He knows this is my territory. He will rue having gotten involved here. Slipping from the back wall of the red barn to the protection of the parked car, I hear the creeking of the steps as my prey readies himself for the attack. Slipping through the door of the barn and maneuvering myself very cat-like across the floor i see my prey expecting me to come from the front door. Coming out of cover the firt shot i let loose hits his back square in the center. Feeling the cold wet of defeat he cringes and screams spinning around. His aim is poor because he is emotional now. Soaking the ground around me, He tries to regain some semblance of cover behind the automobile. He is sloppy though, and so i’m able to get him three more times once in the arm and twice in the legs.

Slipping back through the back door, i run to my bike. Turning around and unloosening a bomb i see him break out of the door charging for me. The bomb flies through the air and slams into his head soaking and dropping him to the ground. Picking my bike up, i cut out down the driveway. He has picked himself off the ground and i feel his cold wet kiss goodby hit my back dead center. Shivering as the dirt flies from beneath my tires i hit the highway and know intuitively he gives pursuit. Pulling into the garage i slam the button on my utility belt to call down the door. I hear him pull up as the door hits the ground and laugh with success. My fort is impregnable. Silence on the other side of the door. i smile and resume my work tuning my bike. The door from the house opens and out he steps. Betsy laughs at my calm from next to the garage door button all the way across the room. There is nothing to do but take a bath.

I hate mom. She betrayed me letting him into my base. She will pay.

4) So i got home from school and noticed my friend was hanging around. Doning my explorer’s hat we branched out across the highway into the forest. I had heard of a strange treasure in these woods, but no one has survived to tell the tale. As we trudged through the forest with thorns pulling at my legs i realize that shorts probably wouldn’t be the best attire for this expedition, but we cannot turn back now. John (can’t remember his real name because i knew him for very little) points into the distance and grins
“There she is,” i growl as i pull a thorn vine off of my legs. trickels of blood fall down. ” We should be careful, i hear she is dangerous to outsiders. ”
“i’m following your lead,” John whispers.
Picking my way across the grounds, i watch as the figure of the house becomes more fully formed. Sneaking across the front i call back to john, “Watch out for traps, this is a dangerous place.” Picking my way up the front steps i push the front door in and look around. The treasure has to be hidden somewhere here i think. From behind i hear John ask me if it is safe. “yes i seems safe”.
As i take a step forward the world freezes for an instant. In one moment i hear this loud snap as the wood gives and i feel an immense pain as i fall into the trap feet first. Hitting the ground on my right ankle i feel a second snap and pain shoots through my body. I bite my lip causing it to bleed a little. Cursing like a sailor i call john to, “Help me get out of here.” I sit waist deep in the floor of this house. “Snakes could be down there just waiting to bite the fuck out me… DAMNIT JOHN GET OVER HERE. John slowly pokes himself up and attempts to pull me out. SEARING pain shoots through my leg. I yell something unintelligable. Finally i pull myself out with very little help from john and lean against the wall of the house. I curse myself for getting into this mess. That moment occurs when i spend a couple seconds wishing i could go back in time and tell myself what an idiot i am. Walking with John in the background making comments about how he wonders if he will get in trouble. I stumble from tree to tree using them as support.

I make it to the highway and see john vanish toward his house calling behind how he doesn’t want to get into trouble. Trey pulls up in his brown car and sees me. He yells if everything is ok and i yell i need his help. With trey’s shoulder as support i make my way into the house and plop myself on the chair. Only a little while till mom and dad come home. They will be angry of course. They will have to take me to the emergency room. They know me by my first name there btw.

result: Grounded for a week and having to walk on crutches for a couple month or so… never did find that treasure.

5) This is a memory i will tell in cold cut details, because to mark it with my imagination at the time, would distort the memory to much. We lived in a house that was located in the center of a forest almost. At least the house was on the outskirts of the forest, and there was a lake nearby also. The nearest neighbor was maybe 1/4 a mile away but you couldn’t see their house because the forest surrounded our house and split us apart. Their house on the other hand was near a subdivision. Today the subdivision has spread and the forest has been demolished. Sad. My memory for this moment is of the lake. The lake is also between our houses, but closer to theirs. The they is our neighbor’s two children. I don’t remember their names. I’m bad with names.

I remember though that their father was draining the lake, and in the middle of the lake was an island. This island was the focal point of the memory. For the longest time we had wanted to go to the island. Since the lake was being drained, we thought it would be easy to get there. We were wrong. As we attempted the crossing fo the lake my feet sunk into mud . All the same before we ever got close to the island, I lost my shoes in the mud. Again this angered my parents. I never did find those shoes. Ok this memory sucked for you i bet. This was also the time when we built a fort out of pallets and tarps in the forest. It was mainly the work of trey and the two neighbors but it was an awesome fort. Even had a tv with electricity….. the cord was run from their house with a lot of extension on it.

oh well i’m done with this…

Michael i’m going to be coming to lafayette July 30-August 3rd… i’d like to meet you one of those days, it is sat-sun-mon-tue-wed. just so you know… the sat i’ll be busy and the wed i’ll need to fly out early so … any other time should be free…

Wouldn’t you know, such an easy game and i failed to follow the rules…. ok here are the instructions and my own nomination for the next memory trip.

Hehe ok here are the rules, particpation is voluntary. Apparently the rules were origonally to name five different things that you miss from your childhood, i modified it slightly to simply write five different fond memories you have of your childhood. .. oh well let the internet police get me… have fun… Mary is nominated now… Mayfly…

p.s. copy the following list into your blog and delete the first blog name and then enter your own blog name Mayfly.

1 # Babbling Bente
2 # Sharkey Malarkey
3 # It’s Not all Mary Poppins
4 # snaars
5 # Arglor