November 29, 2004

coincidence or just freak accident

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December Third a movie is released called, “I am David”… The day before that point in the future, a momentous occurence will be celebrated because a little child is born and the phrase “I am David” takes on new meaning.

coincidence?… i think not… the world recognizes the beauty and harmony of my existence and decides to shout that existence upon the clouds so all of existence should know…

Back to things past…

Thanksgiving had to be one of the best days of my life. Mary attended the celebrations at my parents house. Michelle and Terry both came over from their respective corners of the world (New Mexico and California respectively). We began by catching up with each other’s past few months. I mentioned i took Nietzsche. We then retired to the den where Trey re-kindled the debate about vegetarianism. It was interesting, and i was with my back against the fence and the cigarette was gently placed in my mouth. Moments ticked as i finally heard the click of the squad’s triggers slide into place.

Who can fend their beliefs against two Staunch vegetarians. Statements were heard, statements were ignored, and statements were misinterpretted. Finally my argument was fully understood i believe, yet i’m not sure it was completly agreed with. I argued three main points.
– Pure Vegetarianism is not healthier then an omnivorous lifestyle.
– Omnivorous lifestyle is compatible with fair and moral treatment of animals.
– America needs a severe lifestyle/health change because the dominence meat plays and also the dominence junk-food plays in our diets is slowly killing us from the inside out.

The first two statements had no problem being heard, but i had difficulty expressing the second in conjunction with the first two. In fact Mary claims i never said it. Trey said i did. Obviously i should have laid out my argument in bulletin format.

Next conversational piece was less controversial. I talked about what i was learning about Nietzsche. It was great. Michelle wanted to know the information i was giving and Mary whispered in my ear at one point how sexy she thought i looked as i was discussing this. I blushed inside, but doubt i blushed outside.

Unfortunatly, later Mary and I had to leave because this was not just thanksgiving, but our last night together. I enjoyed the hell out of thanksgiving.

I saw the graduate… great movie… absoleutly a surprising movie seeing that it is so old.
I saw Baraka… interesting and beautiful movie… if not disturbing in some points.. the manufacturing of chicks… horrible… made me want to be a vegetarian and bomb the local KFC.
—–Time warp from thanksgiving to the present—–
I saw Fantastic Planet last night. Strange movie about aliens who keep humans as pets. The whole of the movie demonstrates the adaptability of humans and how we can overthrow stronger creatures because we have the ability to adapt to situations. it was nice.

November 28, 2004

ha HA!

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I am so fucking tired. I slept last night and i don’t think it did anything worth a damn. In fact i haven’t gotten much sleep at all in the past few days. See what time i am posting this? It is early.

Tonight after a long nap i might post more about last week, not like you guys are too terribly interested. It revolves around the love between me and Mary. It is a love that … see? i’m already boring you, or making you jealous which is not my intention.

a fond listing of key phrases from this weekend…
– West St Mary Port
– small talk
– abstract discussions
– the degree of love
– long conversations
– family catch up

November 22, 2004

Tonight is the night…

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I shall present my argument and those who have comments will have comments… the world will continue to progress through the cyclic nature it has always progressed from.. I will either appear to be a god.. or a poser… all interesting things happen in the end.

November 21, 2004

another comment spewed from my mind into yours….

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Interesting week incoming.
Monday: I present my infamous Nietzsche paper. It is incomplete. The presentation isn’t supposed to be complete. I wanted it complete. I failed myself.

Tuesday: I go to class and day-dream of picking Mary up. Then after class i get to pick Mary up. Tuesday night is censored.

Wednesday: First day to wake up next to Mary, which is something I can’t really explain to anyone about. It has to be the closest feeling to heaven i’d believe. Later in the day i believe we are going to eat lunch/breakfast with my uncle. Then i will go to class. Then Mary and I will go to Baton Rouge where we will meet with some of her friends and have a nice night of drinking and eating.

Thursday: Thanksgiving. I will wake up either next to Mary in Lafayette Louisiana or in a gutter in Baton Rouge Louisiana. This dichotomy hinges on the amount of alcohol consumed. OH i kid.. really i kill myself Honestly if i’m driving home, i’m not drinking anything. DO not worry. I will give thanks… several times.. I will also go to Mary’s family’s home to partake of their thanksgiving ritual. Later that night Mary and I shall retire to our existentially decorated apartment where i have several movies waiting for our consumption. The Graduate, Streetcar Named Desire, The Notebook, and Finding Neverland.

Friday: Thanksgiving is celebrated at my parent’s house. Much thanks will be giving as ritualistic style dictates. Mary and I shall retire for our final night together.

Saturday 5:00 Mary and I shall wake/or be awake and begin heading toward New Orleans. Her plane leaves at 7:00. Much saddness shall be felt and we will depart.
9:00 I will be at work in Berwick Louisiana. Saddness shall change to dissappointment.

Thats all… and now for a little rant. WTF IS GOING ON WITH LAFAYETTE? We get independant films but they leave without making a mark. I see now that i missed Finding Neverland, which is a gorgeous film about the creation of Peter Pan. It also has Johnny Depp, who is sexy as hell. Wish i could be him. Mary thinks i look like him a little, bless her deceived soul. I sure love hearing her say it though. Oh well… enough spewing…

November 19, 2004

Last night…

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Last night was a lot more fun then i have had in a good bit. We left at 6:00 and got to Tinseltown at 7:20. We talked about a lot of different things in the car ride over. Dr. Korcz apparently is a geek. He is in love with Star Trek, and he collects baseball cards because of the statistics, not the sport. On the other hand he does watch the sport and follow the sport because of the cards. Wierd huh?

We argued a lot and the whole night i seemed to be paired with Dr. Korcz while Michael was paired with Lydia. Michael and Lydia shared their experiences in college with each other and Michael expounded on his belief structure. Dr. Korcz and I just discussed music and popular culture. I kept telling him movies i thought he should see, and he would tell me music he thought i might like.

The movie itself was an interesting experience itself. Not as many people were there as the first time i saw it so the funny parts didn’t seem to get as much laughter as i felt they should. In fact they glossed over one of the funniest lines:
Vivian Jaffe: Have you ever transcended space and time?
Albert Markovski: No. Yes. Uh, Time not space. No, I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Comic heaven.. oh well. I can’t say they didn’t laugh it just didn’t seem to get the rousing hillarity i expected. All the same the movie has some damn good quotes in it.

hehe imdb is kewl… here is another good quote from the movie..

Cricket: Jesus is never mad at us if we live with Him in our hearts!
Tommy Corn: I hate to break it to you, but He is – He most definitely is.

oh well, after we watched the movie we went to go eat out at —-chili’s. I know… i’m not sure how we ended up there, i’m not the biggest fan of chili’s but it isn’t as though i hate it. Your options for eating drop severly with two vegetarians in the car. Inside chili’s Lydia and Michael had this huge discussion about food. Seeing as they are similar in edible habits, they had a lot to share apparently with each other about impressions and opinions. I tuned out, Dr. Korcz got interested and began arguing over the merits of a lifestyle. I kind of just sat there listening but not commenting..

Dietary habits tend to bore me, because they are so grounded in the beast of humanity. It is like arguing over whether or not i should breathe. Ultimately such an argument is pointless in my mind because to deny breath is to deny some form of neccessity. I’m not suggesting that these two ideas are equal they are just similar. If your a vegetarian i say bravo and congrats. You have managed a feat of willpower far surpassed most humans. You are able to restrain one of the fundamental urges in the human body. I don’t think i is neccessary to do this, but i can see the benefits.

Just don’t expect me to follow suit. I’d rather focus on how i treat other humans, rather then concern myself with how i treat animals. If i can get a few people to treat their fellow man with compassion and understanding, i’m happy.

Then on the way back home we listened to Modest Mouse and Franz Ferdinand. Both of which everyone seemed to enjoy. Lydia found it odd that i liked both bands. Apparenly she had been perusing my cd collection in the car and had formulated the opinion i’m into Gothic Rock and Jazz. That of course meant i couldn’t like everything else. I guess we all have problems of labeling people.

I dropped everyone off in their respected homes and then went to my respected abode to crash hard on my bed. Almost missed work this morning becuase i had apparently forgot to set my alarm.

oh well.. and now tonight i go to work. Life sucks. I wish i could do things like last night more often… i was fun.

four more days till Mary comes down here.

November 18, 2004

fifty first post…. woot..

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Tonight is going to be pretty good…
-Dr. Korcz confirmed.
-Lydia Confirmed.
-Michael Confirmed. Could potentially bring his wife.

It will be an interesting night. Oh well… supposed to debate over the merits of the movie also, not sure how that is going to go.

thats enough.. gonna go get some shut eye…

i did the whole..

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I did the whole e-mail conveyance of information. We are not sure how our family will respond but I thought the information was getting interesting and why hoard all this good information for myself? I like to share.

I wrote my anthropology paper. Not the best paper in the world. I kept turning an analysis of the republican convention into a political rant. Had to reign myself and delete whole paragraphs afterwards. In the end it looks like a restrained beast wrote the paper. Statements float to the surface and you can tell they are merely the precursor to an ideological rant, but they are abandoned as they are mentioned. It should be fine.

In other news… it is raining … I have class… i’m going to be wet… damnit…

Ok that is it.

November 17, 2004

Man this had to have been the worst conversation of my life…

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I blame her lazyness.
Student A and I

Student A: Your in Anthropology of Religion right?
I: Yes I am…
A: Do you think he really wants eight pages worth of material for his paper?
I: Thats what he said he wanted… why?
A: I did mine and i just can’t get eight pages out of the ritual i evaluated.
I: What did you evaluate?
A: Well i evaluated a Catholic Mass which i had never been to in my whole life, but he did express concern about the topic. I’m not sure he wanted me to do it.
I: Then why did you do it?
A: Because My other option fell through, and other people are going to a baptist mass, so why can’t i go to a catholic?
I: I don’t know.. but if he suggested not doing it then your already starting out on a bad foot… here let me–
A: But I couldn’t do anything else…. i had to do it.. i was interested in it…
I: Well why don’t you go to the cathedral down town and take some notes on the decorations and iconography there and put it in your paper? —
A: He will be fine… He will like my paper i think…. How much is the paper worth?
I: Look i’m telling you, you really should write eight pages worth of material. If you don’t you will not get a good grade. Why don’t you go down to.. give me a second i’ll draw you a map…
A: It isn’t that big of a deal… i have a B in the class already and i’ll be fine…
I: I think the paper is worth a lot of credit in his class. He-
A: I’ll be fine i’m sure my paper is good
I: I can’t stress how awesome a sight this cathedral is, it is a mixture of modern day design and older architecture. There is so much gold inlaid around the walls and the marble pillars and the statues of jesus and the stain glass windows. It is an interesting place to go you could easily get four or five pages on simply describing the setting of the church….
A: Yeah… well i’ll see if i can get time to do that… but i don’t think i will have time…
I: It isn’t far…
A: Thanks for your help…

WTF did she want me to say? Oh sure your shitty paper is fine.. you did everything your little ignorant lazy ass could do so why should he expect more from you? Fuck you. What pisses me off most is that he is going to probably grade her lieniantly and give her a C…. AND SHE IS GOING TO BITCH ABOUT IT! and he is going to feel bad about it.

fucking lazy people.

P.S. I left out this major part but i don’t remember how it fit into the conversation. There was this point where she kept bringing up what everyone else was doing in the class and why it justified her actions… “such a such a person is evaluating a baptist mass… why can’t i do a catholic… such and such a person is doing a catholic mass and just because he is mormon it is ok.. me on the other hand i can’t do one?” something like that….

I was just told…

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I just found out that i don’t have to work at the writing center the wednesday before thanksgiving. This means more time spent with Mary on Wednesday.

November 16, 2004

surprise surprise….

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A non-political ranting… I’ve ranted enough. I’ve scared enough of my reader-base away… (Hah like I had one to begin with… it just sounds kewl to say)

I had a good discussion tonight. I spent a majority of the time bouncing ideas around with another philosopher, Lydia. She surprises me. I had such a wrong impression of her from the beginning. I was right she was and is struggling with understanding herself, but I didn’t give her enough credit. She is seriously having difficulty. I learned a lot about her beliefs.

I don’t agree with them, but that isn’t to surprising I don’t agree with Mary’s beliefs either. I bring that up because they believe in similar things. Yung and Energy are the major proponents for both people. Soul = energy. Lydia believes in Reincarnation with a flavor of Christian love in the background. Love thy neighbor being a major tenet.

It was a long fruitful discussion where we discussed Kant, Nietzsche, Plato, Socrates, Bush (yeah he snuck his pathetic ass into the conversation several times), and ideas. Man it has been a while since I talked ideas with a philosopher.

Michael, Lydia, Matt (not sure yet on the fence), and I are planning on driving to Baton Rouge this Thursday to watch I Heart Huckabees. Yes Yes I know I saw it already, but I’m not opposed to seeing it again. This time I might enjoy it and not try and analyze the incorrect use of philosophical concepts.

I’m also going to ask Dr. Korcz to see if he might want to go. He might like it. Trey turned it down… bastard… wants to work instead… bah…

-edited- i looped a part of the message for some reason… odd…

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