June 19, 2006

Good afternoon friends and family.

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Ok so let us view the festivities that are planned out for the weeks ahead.

Next weekend Mary is having a friend over, she and Mary will be spending a lot of time together catching up etc.

The wednesday after that my mom and dad will be joining us for a stay. I’m really excited about this, because they will be up here during the 4th of July. New York does a really good show for the fourth of July, so i hope they enjoy seeing it. Not to mention i have the third and fourth of July off of work so we can explore the city that saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday.

But then the very next week i go into surgery on left leg. This will leave me hobbling around on crutches. Work told me that if my doctor won’t let me come into work, then i can’t come into work. (liability and all that). So i’m off my feet for a week, then i go back.

So it sounds like a lot. I hope all goes well with you.

Happy be-lated Father’s day Snaars.

June 13, 2006

It is done.

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The LSAT is over. How did I do?  I completed it. That is all i can say. I think i did really good on the writing sample. They asked me to evaluate an argument, and i did so with gusto and clear and concise analytical skills. I evaluated the positives and the negatives inherint in his position.

not sure about everything else. I know I got a lot of questions right, but did i get the score i need? no one knows yet… the three-four week waiting session commences.

June 6, 2006

cold and dark.

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It is a sad day across the land, as another noble soldier joins the ranks of the lost.

I’m not exactly sure when we got Sir Fredrick, i think i was 12 or 13. Sir Frederick was a noble german schnauzer.

Oh well. I would recount memories, but a friend once told me that the worst story to tell is the story that begins with the phrase “i remember” and includes none of the audience within the tale.

So take this moment of silence into heart and count yourselves lucky to know the young pup, old fart, and always the energetic misfit.

June 2, 2006

new gadgets for writing

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hmmm what do you think (more…)