February 28, 2005

So… today sucks…

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I brought Mary to the airport in Lafayette. It was bad. She got there late.. the only people on duty there had to stop playing desk clerk for Northwest and play ground crew to get the plane off the ground.. it was quite sad. several people were late and were not allowed through security with their bags because they couldn’t check in and they couldn’t check in because the desk clerks were playing ground crew positions.. all the while the plane wasn’t even boarding…

did i mention my computer won’t turn on? yeah that sucks…

also lost my cell phone… not an astoundingly surprising detail due to the person i am and the fact that housekeeping chased us out of the B and B without allowing me the ability to check the room one last time for my cell phone…

i hate housekeeping for a great many reasons…

Mary won’t be able to contact me directly to tell me she made it safe because i don’t have a cell phone anymore.. sucks…

i’m tired… goodnight

February 25, 2005

This is bad…

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So, last night after the philosophy club Mary and I listen to some pretty great bands and then i fall asleep. During the night Mary gets on my computer and logs it off and falls asleep. I wake up… the computer is dead. Nothing. It comes on posts to the bios but doesn’t power the graphics card.

I shit/piss/moan/cry. I ask why she turned off the computer, and of course i didn’t make it clear that the computer should never be turned off.

I don’t know whats wrong now. We think it is the power supply but i just don’t have enough money to sink to into it. Or at least i don’t have enough money to sink into it and also have the ability to get a new computer after i find out it is much worse then a powersupply problem.

In the end it isn’t Mary’s fault. This computer was going to do this one day.

Today has been a bad day over-all. I have recieved less the admirable results from Dr. Berkeley about my Nietzsche paper. That was the paper i was going to use for my CUNY application. So i have to fix it. I knew i would have to fix it but now it makes me wonder if it is worth fixing.

I also found out that i have a bill hanging over my head that was previously believed non-existent. Wish it would go back to that property.

Question: Can I pay it off, finish the CUNY app, and also fix my computer without going bankrupt?

Answer: I am opptimistic but i also believe it will destroy whatever money i had set aside to fix my Car. So minus the computer.. what are we left with? I’m in need of money bad. I could rob a bank. That would be nice.

The troubles of creationism…

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So last night i went to the philosophy discussion on, “What creationists wants.” and in short i think it was a very pleasant activity to spend time completing.

Her argument was, interestingly put, similar to Trey’s argument on his blog. Conceptually speaking, she argued, Creationism does not need to compete with Evolution. She said that Creationists answer the question “Why” and Evolutionists answer the question “How”. Then she went on to say that the Creationists argument that Evolution shouldn’t be included in biology text books because Creationist cannot are absurd such that biology is a science and creationism is a religion.

SO. She poses a thought-question to everyone at the meeting, but mostly to the creationists.

Invision a world where religious authority leads the realm’s moral decisions, and all practical decisions are made using religious moral understanding. (i.e. stem cell research would be immoral and banned) Then she said that evolution and naturalist interpretations of science would also be accepted.

Is there something wrong with this kind of world to a creationist?

I don’t know but i see serious difficulties arising from the scientific community. Why does the religious community get to dictate the moral decisions? What makes their appeals to a Godhead more morally sound then our appeals to logica and rationality. (our meaning ethical)

Her whole argument reeks of Stephen Jay Gould’s theory of NOMA. The belief that morality has no place in the scientific realm of understanding. It is absurd to make that claim. Just like it is absurd to make the claim that science cannot tell what is beyond the horizon, or in the depths of space. BTW his theory is in a book called the Rocks of Ages. He suggests Science is the language of how and Religion is the language of Why.

NOMA is Non-Overlapping Magesteria. The belief is that the two areas of explanation do not overlap in any fashion that their descriptions are segregated about the same object.

I asked her if her “thought-experiment” was supposed to be seriously considered by the scientific community. She said that she didn’t see why the scientific community would object. I claimed that there were an abundance of reasons the scientific community would deny NOMA and more so her argument itself. I said how about the crusades? This got a nice little chuckle out of a lot of people in the room, even her. She then remarked that secular goverment hasn’t really done well in history itself. I bawked but then launched into the following sequence of statements ignoring the comment about secular government.

Both NOMA and Dr. Figdor’s (visiting professor from Rutger’s university) ideas tend to destroy the foundations of Ethical Theory. If science can’t appeal to Ethics for their moral trends we will be reverting back to the dark ages in terms of moral treatment. Everyone would have to live their life afraid of going to hell, and then produce the moral choices they feel will keep them out of hell.

These beliefs also have huge ramefications on the scientific front. If someone makes moral decisions about life based on the existence of god, then wouldn’t that mean that scientific progression will be relegated to what we can percieve as not religious. Remember the stars and space were considered Heavens and under the domain of God. Had religion been in power, would we have launched a spaceship? Landed on the moon? Sent the hubble satelitte into space?

Of course not, what if god got angry and destroyed us for infringing on his land. I’m kidding of course.

February 23, 2005

So the world turns…

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Mary lands in Lafayette tonight at 1:15… and it is raining outside… that sucks.. no umbrella…

they need to create a service that will warn about rain… hmmm OHHH right they did and then they innundated that service with information i’d rather not cloud my mind with like what bleach is better for removing pet stains…

Yesterday was insane. I went from class to class to work to obligation to class to class… it was insane as mentioned previously.

i need to work on schoolwork now.. but did i mention Mary is in our timezone/region/state/zipcode/areacode/parish/city? it is a good day.

February 21, 2005


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The concert. Man i’m in an amazingly good mood for not getting much sleep.

In short Modest Mouse is a Lyrically based band.. Wherever the lyrics are found music is usually accompanied it… and when no lyrics are had the music vanishes also…

I did learn one interesting factoid. Their unique sound comes from the immersion of various instruments into play at different times.. there are an insane amount of different instruments in their album an they are all played by one man. The problem is that like my brother pointed out, the guy kept having to leave the band because their old albums were apparently boring. All of their old songs were insanely boring. Three guitars two drummers…. blah….

Their new songs were given such life with the new instruments (cello {or stand up base}, [as was pointed out has no h whatsoever due to it’s italian origins] violin, some kind of instrument you play off of your lap with strings, and a mysterious box with an instrument inside could have been a tiny piano or something else.. no clue.) that when they brought out the old songs they looked like a garage band. In fact the whole concert was enacted like a bar-room band. They did that encore shit which i’m against completely since Wilco denied it’s existence. We are all not idiots.. play the f-ing show.

As for the driving to houston and back, It was an absolute pleasure. It was also nice of Amanda to let us use her car. I would have had problems driving back by myself i realize. I would have done it but it would have been hard.

And with that, c’est la vie.

-edited for french snafu-

February 19, 2005

Ok quick quiz…

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Best quote to end a movie with?

after very little thought i say this is definitly one of the best endings..

February 17, 2005

no she is insane…

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So after work today i run up four flights of stairs to get to her door and see a note saying that she will be back in an hour. Dissappointed i sit outside and like any self-respecting philosopher who has just finished the novel he has just read, i begin reading an article on the existence of numbers. Transaitive and intransitive counting… enjoyable..

All the same she comes up laughing with a friend and sees me and states, “Ahhh i didn’t think you’d show up…” like i going to miss this right? So she says come in and i sit in her office and we chat for what seems like 5 seconds about how i can still do very well if i memorize the vocabulary neccessary. I nod and smile.

She says, “well i have to go to a meeting so… ” i get up zip my bag up where i was showing her my test btw, and as i’m walking down the hall she accuses me of stealing her keys. I turn around saying i don’t have them… and begin turning my pockets inside out and she says, “I had them when i came in here because i had to lock the door where are my keys?” I’m like shit if i know…. i point to a set of keys on her desk say politely could those be the keys? she says no no no…. those aren’t them… (meanwhile i’m watching her jump up and down searching the room and waving a set of keys around.. i’m thinking… this is insane…) not to mention she keeps demanding i search my bookbag… so i finally succumb to the idea that maybe i put them in my bag.. however fucking insane that idea is..

After unpacking all my shit she acknowledges that she is holding her keys… and pushes me outside her office with all my books in my hands…. then runs off to the elevator… i’m thinking as i stand in the hall attempting to put the books in my booksack with one hand how fucking sureal that experience was…

then i go upstairs and begin a night of debate…

We debate about the existence of God. Just in case your curious, his existence is still in doubt…

all the same.. she is freaking insane…

Modest Mouse…

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Sunday Modest Mouse will be playing in Houston… i just got a ticket to watch it..

i’ve been waiting to see them in concert for a while…

Good Work pays off.. or insanity distorts causation…

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Ok the story from the top, I walk into class 1.5 minutes late for french. I’m worried because this woman has a tendency to call things out in attention but apparently she hadn’t even called roll so my tardiness slipped by without acknowledgement. I wasn’t worried at all because not only had i done what was required for today’s class but i also *understood* the work i had done. So,

Class Begins.

We go over the first major portion of the homework and I keep giving the answers while everyone else flounders. She walks around looking at each other’s notebooks and when she gets to the woman in front of me she gives a curt, “Where is your work?” and the lady stutters a bit saying she was sick the last class and did not know what work needed to be done. She steps up to me and notes that i’m writing in my book and she mumbles something about how unorganized i seem to be which gets me a little angry. Then some moments pass and she calls on me out of the blue for a question.

I pipe up and say the correct answer and she has a look of surprise but moves on. I’m thinking this adverserial position she is forcing me into is the wrong thing to do to me. I’m horrible when people judge me and i feel i must change their judgement. I turn cut throat. For the last three semesters i’ve been on adverserial positions with Dr. Berkeley. In fact one of the reasons i did so well in his Critical Thinking class was due to the fact that i wanted to show him his view of me being a slacker was ill designed. all the same, she appeared to be doing this very same thing to me. Forcing me to change her opinion of me.

So class continues and i keep surprising her by being on task with whatever she wants, even answering in complete french sentences.

As class closes, she looks at me and asks me to stay behind. I meander around hoping i’m not late to physics when she says, “Meet me at 2:00 today and we can talk about your grade. I decided to do a class curve which makes your F turn into a D- but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a lot to work on.” I’m speechless. I nod desiding it is best to not show complete surprise and say i’m free at that time.

So… I’ve gone from thinking i was in the fight of a lifetime to being be-wildered. I’m so confused. I like thinking of her as mine enemy. I was actually having delusions of making an A. oh how sweet that would be. Anyways…

I go into physics and since i’m in such a good mood i end up feeling really good about what i learned in physics… which was all about friction.

The good news is i’m going to talk to her about my grades and ask her how to handle the proposed mis-dates. I still have a great desire to go see the daily show on those days.

February 15, 2005


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define love… biologically etc… i do not know…

valentine’s day corporate ploy? or rememnant of an old religion…

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