June 29, 2005

Hello world!

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Conversion to WordPress is over. I hope you enjoyed the move. If you have any problems, please feel free to message me at my new email idontcare at whydoyoubotherme dot com or my new phone number 1800fuckyou. Thanks for playing, b’bye
If you care, the MT version is still alive and kicking.


June 28, 2005


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just an update and overall surveilance view. I guess i did what every website does right before they die out. they fail to update for a given amount of time and their readership dies and never really picks itself back up…………. *hears the silence amongst the empty streets* yes well… i never wrote this thing for the audience itself, it was my own catalog and analysis of my ideas… although feedback was always welcome…

point two of this quickie post is to say that Mary is coming back home tonight. I’m a flitter with excitement. Did i just say a flitter?

point three of this post is to alter my previous post and say that i really did like batman begins, but there were just some things about the “origin” of batman that i didn’t like… i bet i could write an origin story that would make batman shine… or at least it would make my perception of batman shine, but i like my perception of who batman is…

point four is to say that work seems to be going well. i’m very much appretiated by my boss, which is a change because i was making a few errors earlier that made my boss very aggrivated with me… and made last week suxxors…

point five is i shipped my pc to the claims department of ups and they should be cutting me a check soon… man i can’t wait till that happens so i can get a computer of comparable worth into this house and give mary her laptop back… she needs her equipment.

ok done.. googling directions to laguardia now… i’m nervous as hell about driving in NYC…


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so batman begins…. i want to say so much about it but i don’t want to ruin the movie for you… so let me just give away a few tid bits that i think will not in fact ruin the movie for you…

A) this is not the batman we know from batman year one. In fact this movie has very little if any relation to the comic batman year one.

B) The Gotham city that batman finds himself in is very similar to the gotham city of the animated series. Mechanistically speaking. Gangsters and ninja are a lot more prevalent, and the backgrounds of the villains are very similar to the cartoon.

C) This is a completly new origin of batman, it has very little if any correlation to any other origin story of batman.

D) I don’t like the new actor who plays batman/bruce wayne. He is a much more convincing bruce wayne then batman of course. This has always been a dilemma. Val kilmer sucked as bruce wayne and batman, but would have been good as superman i believe. Michael keaton on the other hand was the best and will always be the best combination of both, although he soared as bruce wayne. I don’t know necessarily why i don’t like the new batman actor so much, other then he doesn’t look impressive in the suit. kind of looks like a kid dressing up for halloween. Oh well he isn’t that horrible that it ruined the movie.

i’m done for now… maybe i’ll add more tonight before picking mary up at the airport.

she is coming home.

June 26, 2005

we have gone so far…

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i’m in such a bad mood right now…

I hate cell phone conversations… Mary and I have gone through a long distance relationship for roughly a years time, and in the end we began living together. Now she goes down to Louisiana and we are thrusted into the long distance relationship thing again. it sucks. i hate cell phone conversations… not to mention i do in fact miss her terribly…

so this is what happens…

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boy am i bored… i have extinguished all my resources.

Little known fact, i’m broke. You might ask yourself, how does one get broke when you just got a job a couple weeks ago that pays pretty good money. I would of course reply that I did get a job that pays me pretty well, but i have yet to get a check from said job. Not that getting a check would have done outstandingly for, i have no bank up here in which i could deposit said check. oh.. you ask why have i not gotten my bank account open? because you need identification from within the state… which costs money… which i have yet had the ability to get… because … you see the picture… things are looking better though.

This weekend was going to be low key no matter what. Today just turned out to be a lot more low key then i wanted. AKA i’ve been seriously bored. Friday night i went into Manhattan and watched Batman Begins, a movie about which i will discuss at a later date. Last night my co-worker and friend David came over. We rented some games and played them. We watched a movie called Hitch, about which i’ll never speak a word- although will smith is my favorite funny comedian for some odd reason, maybe because his jokes are usually withdrawn. Anyways i went to sleep around 1:00 from which i woke up this morning at 8:30. David slept over because he didn’t want to have to hassel with the trains at night. He left around 10:00. And then the silence began.

I laid down and thought a lot about different things, in which none of my problems were solved but one. I realized i have far less problems then ever and i think it bores me. Literally… i have stable source of food, stable income, a very beautiful and talented woman i am deeply in love with, a place to stay in, and family that loves and cares for me. This is the most i’ve ever had in a long time. the stable income, food, and love intrest are relatively new. The other necessities have been with me all my life usually.

Let us harken back to my high school days. There was once in the middle of the cafeteria i was talking to my friends Reed and Colby about life. I was so sure of myself then. In the middle of a heated debate i yelled across the cafeteria grounds that the failure in life is complacency, it deteriorates the mind. To my dismay, i attracted way to much attention. I blushed and retracted myself out of the cafeteria and scurried down the hall to my locker where i opened it up cursing myself. You see i’m leaving out the part where people laughed. A lot of people. Embarrasement brought about by confusion. I still agree with what i said, but i’m not sure why i got so caught up in the argument. We were arguing about our futures, and it was at that time that i was arguing that we should abandon all attempts at progress and travel across the country and live out of booksacks…..

i had just read on the road btw. not the best source material on life for a 17 year old who hates his high school. He made it seem so easy and adventurous. All the same. I have strayed from my point, as usual. My point is that i feel like i should be on the look out for becoming complacent. I don’t want to succomb to the robotic instincts capitalist society forces upon us. I am so using prejudicial language in this, i understand that robotic insticts are adopted because it is better to adopt them then to live consciously moment by moment.

No one lives consciously moment by moment. Its impossible. an experiment that was started when i was a second year college student continues till now, it is the experiment of consciousness. I attempt to trip up the robotic instincts around me and in the meanwhile trip up my own robotic instincts. My goal is to become as self-aware as possible, or at least to fully be aware of life around me as much as possible.

i guess this is why i like american beauty so much.

i’m done rambling… btw i think snaar’s blog should be called breaking the third wall…

June 22, 2005

I am so fucking wiped out…

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So a couple days ago i get invited to this “office party” by my boss. This party is to occur in a fancy restaurant with free food, beer, and soda. I say sure i’ll go. Cut to today, the day of the party.

I make the trek out central park, and it is raining a bit and cut over to the Citrus Bar and Grill, where the party is being held. I’m approximately 1 hour after the party has started. A co-worker and friend of mine “D-” joins me at this little shindig. We run into a few people he knows, because i know no one really, and after exausting our contacts we retire to a table. This took maybe 20 minutes total, thats how few of the people we knew there. Sitting down i question why the fuck i’m even there. I came for free food, to be honest.

But the food isn’t served. time ticks by. still sitting there and 9:00 hits, and i type mary a message on my phone. Meanwhile all these girls are walking around and D- is telling me how freaking good looking they are. The guy who’s job i’m taking walks up and shakes our hands and tells us he will introduce us to some others. I quietly decline thinking i just want food and then i’ll leave. Some time passes. AFter a little while, one of D’s friends drops by and we joke about how the “big bosses” are here and how they are invisible to us because we don’t know who any of these people are.

Here is a little background for you, I work in Newark, NJ. The main office is in New York. It just so happens that very few N-J people went to this party, including my boss who invited me. so i was disappointed a bit. Everyone there works in the New York branch. Not to mention, there are two floors in the N-J branch. The 4 and 5 floor. Accounting is the only office on the fifth floor, and it consists of five people not including me. this means i don’t even socialize with the people on the fourth floor much. So the odds of me knowing any of these people in the last 2 weeks (or less) of employment were non-existant.

back to the story, this friend decides to introduce us to the big guys. Turns out that the big guys are really nice. So i’m introduced to some of the major people, people who in fact have their names on the firm. Anyways, they started talking to me and d- and d- was hitting it off well with them. I was not really hitting it off well. I fucked up actually, but it isn’t a major fuck up.

When talking to one of the guys, i just came out and asked what the qualifications were for being a paralegal. He said that they were pretty lax. He said just some computer skills and college background. He then said they usually work their way up from other positions in the firm. So i nodded. Then he asked how long i worked in accounting, and i said a week and a half. I quickly added that i was enjoying the work, i just had an interest in law. He nodded and asked if i had any college, i said i just graduated. He said, “You must have some good background in accounting,” in which i replied that i worked my way through college doing computer work, and that the position i filled required experience with computers which i fit perfectly. So he nodded and asked like what skills. I started to list them, “advanced in microsoft word, excel, access,” and then i stopped saying that i didn’t really want to go this far, that i was just curious about the qualifications due to my interest in law.

Here is the fuck up. He says, “Well you do realize we do mostly litigation, which is within the courtroom” In which i nodded., and he continued.” and so i’m not sure if thats what you are interested in.” I laughed and said, “I’m actually really interested in Non-Profit work………………………………………………………………………….. ………………………………………………………”
yeah… i know… wtf was i thinking? he wasn’t asking about what kind of cases do i feel passionate about, he was asking for what kind of part did i want to play in the legal field. I felt like a dumbass after i stepped back. Not only did i not answer his question, but i voluntered hostile information. This is a corporate law firm. non-profit work doesn’t mix well with these people. oh well i fucked up.

I’ll sleep on it. I still don’t know why i said that. I quickly added to the end of all of that that i wanted experience in law so i could better learn all aspects of the environment in case i wanted to go to law school.

He said in the end, “Well i suggest you work in the accounting division for a bit and see what happens when a position opens up.” oh well.. i fucked up. First position that opens up i’m still applying for it.

ok i need sleep i need to go to work tomorrow… shame really…

June 21, 2005

update ups…

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yesterday i was told that the chances of me getting money to pay for my computer damage are very high. so… we shall see.. she didn’t say that they would definitely pay for it, but she said that they wouldn’t go through all this trouble issuing claim numbers and requesting proof of worth if it weren’t going to be accepted.

and so now the wait continues… but we will see just how this all unfolds.

June 20, 2005

Good morning… good evening… and if i don’t see you later good night..

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Well the weekend went by, and so did all my money. I purchased clothing over the weeked for work, and even though i look pretty fucking hot i’m not exactly rich anymore. sad eh? paycheck is thursday, but it goes directly to rent.

Today i find out if UPS will pay me for my computer, i think. I hope it is today. If it isn’t, then they have some explaining to do. Allied Services has a fax with the answer on it, or at least they had one friday but they couldn’t tell me the answer because the lady handeling my case was on vacation till monday. Its monday.

I’m worried sick about this shit. I know i shouldn’t be, but i want it over. I want them to pay for my computer so i can move on with my life. If they do not pay for my computer, i’ll be discouraged as hell. This would also mean major postponements for everything i want to do, because i will need to find a way to purchase a new computer. Thats three weeks worth of work. Haha. Thats my logic. To purchase item A, you must put in time B. hehe. I look at life like a game. I’m really tired if you can’t tell. It is a bit early in the morning. It is also Monday.

hope everything goes well with all of you.

June 15, 2005

Work… and other things…

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So i got to work. Apparently i’ve been neglecting this blogsphere. I’ll be honest. This is wednesday, and i am actually in a good mood. If i talked to you on the phone monday and Tuesday, then you probably noticed i was not in the most energetic mood. The reason is this, i’ve never had a full time job. I needed to get adjusted to the full-time lifestyle.
Work is easy to sum up.
– Work begins at 9:00 and i wake up at 8:00 to leave by 8:35 to catch the 8:40 train and get to work at 8:59. Oh hell yes that is nice. It is going the opposite direction from all the traffic, meaning i get a seat and for 10-15 minutes i watch as nice scenery passes by.
– I get paid very well. Promotion would mean a 32K + job with really good benefits (law firms give really good benefits).
– I work with exceptionally nice people.
– I do fairly easy work, just time consuming.
– I am overqualified for the job, which means i’m pretty quick with the work needed.
– I am on my feet all day, so interestingly enough i’ve been losing weight. Of course i’ve also been broke, which meant skimping on the food.
there are more but i can’t think of them right now.
– I’m not interested in the job at all. Its accounting. That means counting and printing bills.
– Dressing up every day for work is a bit of a hassel, don’t like slacks very much, had to cut my hair, but not to short.
– Shoes hurt my feet, because i’m walking all the time.
– The Shift isn’t great, 9-5 is the average work day, but it means i have roughly an hour to go to places that close at 6 oclock (banks etc). It also means i could probably not interview with other jobs, although i’m going to be asking for time off if this becomes a problem.
– I’ve been really wiped out at night, yet again i’m not used to the time frame structure etc. It is the first job i’ve every had that required me to be mentally active on an 8 hour structure for five days a week.
– I really find the job boring, heh. 😉

Ok well it looks heavy on the con side, but come on. Most of the cons are cons that i would have for any job. I’m a lazy man, so i found out. I’m making law experience which would be nice for the future. It is really good pay, i was looking at some luxury apartments and thinking that me and Mary could afford them. We could, but they would have to feed us after paying rent 😉 (actually we could afford them easily and food, but in the end All i would be doing is going to work and coming home to this apartment i’m renting and staring at the wall, since i couldn’t afford tv or computers. ha ha)

On the friendship side, yeah its barren. I’ve began an importation gig in fact. I’m talking my brother into moving up here. I think it would be great if he did, in fact he is an idiot for not wanting to. He would so fucking love it up here. Hell he knows that. When we were visiting this place he was in love with it. I think he should move up.

Hideous list of pros to entice WDuluoz, HLF, Snaars, etc into moving up here.
– Legal temp jobs are easy to get apparently with high computer skills, you don’t even need a college degree.
– Bakeries for breakfast are nearby so the hungry worker can stop and get a little delicious pastry cooked by gourmet (or something similar) style.
– The most lively city ever.
– Rent and food in jersey city is equal to rent and food in downtown lafayette.
– The climate rules, today it is 70 degrees or roughly with a cool breeze, whee.
– Entertainment in abundance.
– I’m up here, so you have a friend. Mary is also here so you have 2 friends.
– Jobs aren’t that difficult to find.
– Close to family (Wduluoz and Snaars)
– Some of the best schools are around here.
– If you work for delta legal for more then 70 hours, then i get a hundred bucks extra for referring you. AND its yours if you agree to sign a 6 month -> year lease for an apartment ;).

Ok i could do more but i’m not. I really hope you guys consider moving up here. Hehe i need to import some friends.

P.S. Don’t SHIP YOUR PCS WITH UPS!!!! hehe no word yet if they are going to replace mine, they made the claim on monday, and approval should be soon. I hope.

P.P.S. HLF: I know you probably can’t leave your kids. I respect that. Not to mention your working on getting your bachelor’s degree so it would be horrible of me to expect you to move up here and abandon your current responsibilities.

P. P. P. S. Snaars: I know moving is a big deal because your family is secure where they are, and it is horrible of me to entice you when it is probably impossible for you to make such a move. Oh well i can understand why you couldn’t move also.

P . P . P. ad infinitum: Wilbur: You have no excuses. In the end your only option of course is my happiness. You don’t miss me? You don’t miss New York? feh. Fine. Stay down there.

June 10, 2005


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Recap. I found out i had a job with renewable income, i went crazy. I spend 38.50 the first night.
Movie: Palindromes (sp?) (Ava is an example of what this word means, aviva.. or mom… or anna… or toot…. etc) 11.00
Water at the theater: 4:00 + 3.50 for some welch’s candies because to use my credit card it had to be 7:00 and i didn’t have cash.
Blockbuster: 20.00 for renting the following:
-Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
-The Urbz: Sims in urban life.
-Resident… Evil… 4
—-read like the guy says it in the game…

Confessions is great. I love it. Mary hates it. I’ll let her explain why she hates it, i’ll just allude to things i like about the movie.

For one thing, the colors used throughout the film are gorgeous. The lighting is absoluetly fantastic. The main actor is a great embodiement of who i think Chuck Barris is really like. The story has one major strength, it is told by a man who has played fiddle to the world’s demands and being mocked and chided for becoming too sucesseful at giving the world what they want. In the end of all the critical blackout, he flees for solitude and realizing he hasn’t lived the life he wants to have lived makes it better. He writes himself as James Bond. Realizing, like all good authors do, that if his material was too clean and scarred his life too much that the story wouldn’t sell. This causes him to dirty his work up by acting like he was pressured into doing the job he creates himself. In the end he wipes all history of such occurences by slowly annihilating every possible witness to his “assassin role”. He claims there is a mole, but in the end he is an old man who wants forgiveness for his sins(breaches of human compassion, not chirstian sins exclusively). He recognizes that he has treated and preyed upon the weakness of man to profit for himself, and he gets torn up by the jackels. All that is left is his autobiography.

And then Jerry Springer comes along ;). What oh what could possibly happen to him? Could he be Santa Clause? or perhaps he is an infamous drug smuggler….

no idea.

In the end, the real gem of the movie is Charlie Kaufman’s voice. The blended style of scenes, the merging of reality and fiction. Clooney claims that the uncut scene technique was his own idea, but i doubt it. Too many other Kaufman films have that technique. Kaufman uses it in ESOTSM to demonstrate the rail like presentation dreams often take. There are other movies i cannot think of right of hand specifics. I just doubt Clooney had the idea of using uncut sequences. If he did, bravo because it works seamlessly with Kaufman’s script. Kaufman also makes pieces of art. Kinsella once argued that a painting must be framed before it could be sold. I argue that Kaufman approaches his films in the method. In Human Nature the confession method frames the film. As each character confesses and speaks frankly to the camera, the story is told. In adaptation the film itself becomes the framework. As the film is made and the scriptwriter talks about how the script will fall, we see those glimpses as framing the ultimate piece of art. In ESOTSM we see reality framing the dream. In Being John Malkovich the framework is the real world, while the story is what occurs inside Malkovich’s head. In confessions we see reality framing the story being told. The hotel sequence that demonstrates present day gives context and key to unlocking the truth of the story. Of course this is just what i understand Kaufman’s storytelling technique to hinge upon.

The final great thing about the movie of course is the last line, it is so fucking good.

I also saw palindromes/roshomon/the seven samurai so i’ll talk about them later some time.

oh well i went to see an art exhibit for maurice sendak (sp?) who is the writer/illustrator of some of the best children’s books. Where the wild things are has to have been one of my favorite books. It is about a kid with a rich imagination. I’m sure you guys saw it. Anyways at the exhibit i learned that Maurice Sendak is Jewish and lot of his stories that i never read, could in fact be interpreted in a very adult manner. Allusions to cremetories and hitler abound. He even wanted to directly reference it in one book. This information makes his stories so much richer and meaningful. His art was always intricate. Go see Mary’s blog for examples of it.

Thanks mom for exposing me to such a great artist at such a young age. I appretiate it. His art in the exhibit was astounding, and there is apparently a ballet recorded about the story in which the story is acted out. I really want to see that. I saw bits in the exhibit and it was beautiful.

not much else, i start monday. whoo hoo.

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