June 20, 2005

Good morning… good evening… and if i don’t see you later good night..

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Well the weekend went by, and so did all my money. I purchased clothing over the weeked for work, and even though i look pretty fucking hot i’m not exactly rich anymore. sad eh? paycheck is thursday, but it goes directly to rent.

Today i find out if UPS will pay me for my computer, i think. I hope it is today. If it isn’t, then they have some explaining to do. Allied Services has a fax with the answer on it, or at least they had one friday but they couldn’t tell me the answer because the lady handeling my case was on vacation till monday. Its monday.

I’m worried sick about this shit. I know i shouldn’t be, but i want it over. I want them to pay for my computer so i can move on with my life. If they do not pay for my computer, i’ll be discouraged as hell. This would also mean major postponements for everything i want to do, because i will need to find a way to purchase a new computer. Thats three weeks worth of work. Haha. Thats my logic. To purchase item A, you must put in time B. hehe. I look at life like a game. I’m really tired if you can’t tell. It is a bit early in the morning. It is also Monday.

hope everything goes well with all of you.

One Response to “Good morning… good evening… and if i don’t see you later good night..”

  1. mayfly Says:

    yeah, ever since we started talking about buying items for the apartment, i have felt rather sim-like about this whole venture. . . just think. with your new wardrobe you are successful mob-boss sim, trent, and with my current unemployment to last till july (due to my adjunct employment status) i feel rather like my somewhat less successful please-can-i-live-at-your-place-in- a-house-by-the-pool-because-i-lost-my-job sim, tori. on wednesday, i will get on my motorcycle and choose the visit option, baton rouge. (don’t worry – it’s no pixel acres!) ok. enough nonsense. i need to get back to writing. you did look sexy in your green shirt today. it brings out your eyes. i love you.