January 31, 2006

Life and the changes thereof.

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Man am I having a bad week. An attorney and another paralegal are hanging up their “metaphysical” spurs. It scares me. Of course viewing the case load and the amount of people, i’m not too concerned about my own job. But then there is always a chance.

Plans for tonight: follow up on a recent post garnered by Mary.

Apparently film clubs are not as rare as once believed. Now i need to get some money. 😉

January 30, 2006

God damnit

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I really screwed up. Quiting DnD was the dumbest thing i could think of. What little friends i had before qutting DnD, has just been halved.

SO now i need to find a way to make friends again…….. wonder if there is a film club in NYC i could join.

*SCREAM* sooooo bored

January 24, 2006

well…. there went that idea….

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canada elected a conservative………….. wtf?!?! WHAAAHHH!?

must be something in the air or the voting systems… maybe they have electronic voting…

or maybe it is the pollution… it makes your brain tick funny…

i don’t know.. the easiest answer is probably the clearest. Maybe canada was too liberal for their people?

SO who said we could go to guam?

No looking back. This is a geek post.

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I quit DnD five minutes ago (actually probably by the time i finish writing this it will be a couple hours ago). It phases me more then I thought it would. Something about the imagination in the back of my head that screams out in agony because of this.

I play video games a lot. Less then i used to of course, but that is because of my new job. Not due to personal will power. Anywho, i digress. I spent a lot of my life recently planning out characters for a game we play. When it came down to it, i saw my ideas about the character raped and mutilated into fortuitious mush. You see in my mind i would have a mage that drew on magic like a crack addict. And since he drew on the magic so much it ate his body like food.

So I would have a very skinny somalian character that has ribs poking out of his stomach, but all in all his body would still function on some sort of stable level. His use of magic though allowed him to pull and create new forms of magic that were stronger and more powerful.

In the end what i got was a maniac psychopath that could use magic, but it was a different kind of magic. Not to mention the character’s degredations in game mechanics meant i usually couldn’t move around. He could take literally one five foot step where other would take 30 feet steps. He was made blind, which means he has no physical input for sensory information. This of course meant that anything he attempted to “learn” had to be told to him. It was rediculous.

But this is not what my post is about.

I could bitch about my ideas being changed drastically, but that is neither here nor there.
The bottom line is that best times i had with the game were when I was planning out my character, allowing my mind to organize the character data on a sheet of paper and imaginging all the cool ass situations he could get into.

So DnD was attempted, and failed horribly. At least hard-core DnD.

Tomorrow i’m going to the mall and buying some new pants, a study book for the LSAT, and a a couple shirts.

Another hint…
I’m growing up even faster.

identity is a real black hole…

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I hope everyone is doing well. I will write more later.

January 20, 2006


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I’ve died and woke up in hell. This is not the normal level of hell that little quizes dish out. This is the cold dark corner of hell reserved for me. FUCK ME!

Say it isn’t so. LETS PROTECT THE CHILDREN! and analy fuck all of the adults.

I hate dichotomies. Children vs adults.

Oh well. I’m tired. I’m actually scared. One justice can’t be that bad can he? He should be able to evaluate cases from a non-biased persepective correct?

who the fuck am i kidding. I’m moving to canada.

I’m slacking today i am not sure why….

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I’m in a strange mood today. Everyone is gun-ho for work and i’m like “eh-“. perhaps it was staying here yesterday till 7:00. I don’t know.

I still enjoy the work, which is odd in my mind. It makes me really want to take the LSAT. Oh well now i just have to get off my ass and study and take it to see how i do.

this job has done one thing to my life that isn’t necessarily a good thing. It has turned my brain to slush. I can’t seem to concentrate on philosophical ideas. Random cross-section of my thought stati:

– wow senator kennedy is making serious statements against nominating the judge.
– he has some good points.. but
— did that auth go out to staten island university hospital?…. hmm let me check.
– kennedy does have some good points…… FUCK
— drafts a quick ltr to go with a notice to produce documents drafted earlier today so it can get out.
– fuck kennedy and his life.

see it isn’t a good sign eh? things just pop into my head and i fight them down losing complete track of previous thoughts. Oh well.

like the young man in the comedy show said, “no one wants to read your political views.”

but i did think kennedy brought out some good points about a life-time appointment to the supreme court. It isn’t something that should be taken lightly, but in our soceity we take very little as important, except immediate personal survival.

January 18, 2006


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I am getting old. God damnit. I spent all day today waiting till i got home to play a dumb game and i’m so wiped out that i won’t be able to play the damn thing because i keep going to sleep…………….
sO now i sleep.

sorry trey.

Brief Update

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Nothing new on my end.

i’m going to list a lot of things that may have something to do with me or may not, all may seem adult like but remember i’m still a kid 😉
– staying late at work to “organize my personal filesystem before the cases get too out of hand”
– arguing about one or more topics
— money
——– too much
——– too little
——– incorrect use of said funds
— future plans
——– living arrangement
——– marriage
——– cats
——– children
— not to future plans
——– vacations
——– trips
——– allocation of funds for future plans
– time allocation
— movies
— mary
— games
— work
— planing for a specific game (more time then i thought i’d spend doing this)
– family concerns
— normal family concerns + future difficulties caused via hurricanes

So. at what point do i cease being a kid? I’m only 24 and 1.08333333333333333 remember!
I’m not old!

January 10, 2006

I drafted my first affidavit today.

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In case your curious, an affidavit is a written declaration made under oath before a notary public or other authorized officer. It was not as special as I thought it would be.

Work is going extremly well. I’m enjoying it. It is all research and argumentation.

This of course means drafting connections and investigating leads to hunt down medical records. I’m a pro on the phone now. I was shesitant the first couple times, but now it is a science.

This job will be interesting and fun, but also difficult and challanging. Oh well. Life is as it is.

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