November 29, 2006


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The news reports you’ve read are accurate. I do in fact turn 26 this weekend. Saturday in fact. It is odd. I couldn’t wait till i turned 25, and now i’ve continued to 26. Is there anyone who can stop this rollercoaster, or has the momentum caught up. Will i be thrown to the wolves?

Friday i’m going out. I don’t know what i’m going to do, but i will be wandering the streets of manhattan trying to find something interesting to do. I’m sure i can sniff out something worthwhile to do. Mary has plans with Weatherly, and even before those plans were made, she had made plans with me on Saturday.

What were those plans? Well you see she asked me what i would like to do and i was stumped. There are tons of things i want to do in New York, but they cost a good bit of money though. Then it hit me that i would enjoy seeing what Medieval Times is like. So we will be going there. The rest of the day is either hidden from me, or open for interpretation. There was some talk about multiplayer wii games, but I do not think we will be able to find an additional wii controller for such festivities.

So i’ll be 26. Pretty soon i’m going to demand people start calling me Sir and Mr. because that is how one gets respect.



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So i watched an Inconvenient Truth trying to link things together with my past, which is interesting because reality caused me to mirror scientific argument. Â

 I seem to go through cyclical events.Â

When i was in college, I took several classes regarding our environment and how our species reacts to the environment. I always argued with a majority of the class because of their use of rhetoric to support their arguments. “The world has a consciousness and humanity is a disease that the world is trying to purge itself of.” True quote, i kid you not.Â

They were freaks.Â

And exactly true to form they were and have been ignored by the populace at large. The however extreme and prejudicial their argument may be, it is simply a product of their reaction to a body of research that is uncontroversial.Â

The case stands that our society does have a very short sighted vision of reality. We do what we must to survive now, and tend to neglect long term survival. This is most prevalent in how we take care of our elderly. Our youth seem to have lost any admiration and love that was once held for the older generations. Our society moves at such a quick pace that grand parents are being left behind. Of course i could continue and add to the fact that since humanity’s life expectancy is growing longer and longer i can only see the problem getting more and more relevant, but this was initially an example of an idea, not an idea in and of itself.

So we are facing the fact that our “universe” must include a lot more then simply our neighborhood, city, and even our nation. The problem is that whether or not we are causing global warming is irrelevant, it is happening and our addition to the activity is not assisting the problem. All the same, our society is noticing that there is a problem and that maybe humanity isn’t as helpless as it seems.

  1. The first link i want to share is of our Supreme Court. I’m hopeful when I read about this case, because it isn’t very often that you see states bring a lawsuit against a federal agency.
  2. Of course then there is the business aspect of our society. I wonder if there is ever going to be an age in which corporations are looked at as responsible progressive entities, other then constructs created for personal gain and exploitation. This is a good start.
  3. On the effect side of the situation, there is this little tidbit. Not exactly a great source, but interesting none the same. I’m thinking that nothing the article offers is controversial, and also it is a probe into a phenomenon that will begin popping up on the news more frequently. Tomorrow the hurricane season ends and we are very pleased to admit that it was an exceptionally peaceful season.

just a couple ideas.

November 15, 2006

An quick update as to my concerns

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Because Democrats won the last election, they will be blamed for whatever effects Iraq has on our county.Â

  1. If we withdraw from Iraq as soon as possible, the country is going be destabilized and I believe that the resistance will gain control of the government.Â
  2. If we stay, people will blame the democrats for every death that occurs from this point forward.

So I sit and contemplate what other strategies are involved. I think any anti-american terrorist organization is going to have strong support in the middle east, more support then ever before regardless of our actions at this point.

So what do we do? This is what i’m concerned about from now on. We have entered into a state of cyclical violence, one that occured not to long ago between Ireland and England. Violence justifies more violence in our current progression. They blow up our towers and we decimate their homes.

November 14, 2006

this is an interesting idea.

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Is America going to allow their officials to be tried and found guilty in another country? (whoa i really did fuck some grammatical structure there)
Does america honor extridition treaties to germany? lol

Let me bring your reality down a notch.

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Iraq is really fucked up. I don’t know what to think at this point regarding this situation.Â

Isn’t there a program of protection for academics in dangerous sections of the world? I heard about it on NPR when the Iraq war began. They work to get academic professionals who have spoken against the government out of the country when the country gets f-d up.

just saying iraq is f-d up now.

November 9, 2006

No apologies, just grit your teeth because the ride isn’t over yet.

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We define catagorize organize objects people things ideas and then we proclaim the logical systems to our neighbors bosses children lovers and consistency doesn’t remain.

Definitions are the bane and the foundation of human language. Grand proclamations indeed. For me definitions are not nearly as important to the world as the ideas that they are ground into. Then again what is an idea other then an explanation (definition) of a word?

Cyclically fucked up. Let us start once more.

My name is Arglor. I’m posting this because i want to escape for a second. Grand proclamaitions must be written for any sense to be made. I need a box. I need a treadmill. If I had any sense, I’d have taken a hint from my previous lives. I consistently change. I don’t have a definition. This is not to say of course i don’t have predicates, I walk i work i love i see. I {censored} grammatical structure on a daily basis [un]intentionally.Â

Not to put too fine a point on it.

“So enough about me. How are you? Do they treat you well? Have you seen the doctor? Isn’t he nice? So i was thinking, would you mind donating your heart to me? You see i’ve lived a long life and the result is a list, and i thought that since you aren’t using your heart it may be in need of new ownership. Don’t answer now, think about it.”

Please sign here, so we can give you freedom. After this, you are free to choose [decisions are already made for your convienience].

I turn 26 in a bit. I fly around a lot. my eye twitches constantly now. got stress? isitatick?whatifitis?whatisatick?nerves…uncontrollablenerves.ticktickticktickbooom.

i’m not a bomb. I would like to thank everyone here. If it wasn’t for you i’d never have been able to not do the things that i’ve not done. thank you and.. goodnight.

movie update:

  1. the science of sleep (recommend you go see it)
  2. lucky slevin
  3. Democracy: freedom to fascism
  4. who killed the electric car
  5. the prestige
  6. more movies that i cannot remember ebcause they were not very memorable.