December 20, 2006

Steel recreation

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So i was wrong, and as such I offer my apologies to Maryfly.Â

the world trade center will be replaced with the freedom tower.

Construction has begun.

December 15, 2006

Work and party

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SO last night was the christmas party for the firm. I don’t know why i go to these things, i’m about as anti-social as a gaming geek should be. Last night was even worse because i was getting sick. My purpose at the party, was to congratulate an associate who was brought back into the firm as a member (partner). He is an awesome attorney, and any way you look at it if a business goes out of their way to get you re-hired and promoted to the highest position within the firm it is all good news.Â

I’m sick btw. While i was at the party being the usual un-interactive individual i am, I began to notice my throat was begining to hurt. I left and wandered around lower NYC, debated watching the pursuit of happiness, wandered more when i decided not to go, then went home-> woke up three times with the worse sore throat i’ve ever seen.

halls are my best friend.  work sucks today. wish i could go to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp!

glad i didn’t drink, i’d have not been able to get out of bed to come here. Then again maybe the orange juice would have healed my throat with all the acidic fluid.Â

December 13, 2006


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So yesterday two things happened, and i firmly believe that when you look for circles you will find them btw. Here are the circles i’ve found.

First i had my review. I was well rewarded for the work i do, but some things came out exactly like i thought they would. All of this comes to a point that I have been having problems lately agreeing with the kind of job i perform, and the product that i produce. So this has a bunch of additional difficulties.

Secondly a friend of mine, who i will refer to as B, passed away back in Louisiana. I was told his lungs just gave out. B was 28 years old. The obvious questions are raised, and we can all manifest our own answers. When i review the evidence i think it resulted from an occupational Hazard. I worked with B for a long time at an industrial warehouse that specializes in the production of Liquid Mud. B worked on a daily basis with several chemicals that would be used in the creation of LM. Several of these chemicals were dust form. B and I used to get into small arguments regarding proper protective clothing. He would often forgo certain things because he was young and invincible. It is a tregedy that the above statement wasn’t an accurate portrayl of reality.

B is survived by one young daughter and a wife.

Back to work for me.

December 8, 2006

Article inspired by an article about an article

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I was reading this article that references an article and speaks to the issue of worry. This topic has been on my mind for a long time as I’ve had several moments in which ideas that i can’t alter/control have crossed my path.

Draw your conclusions as you may, but i think they are accurate as to their conclusions. I’m trying to figure where global warming fits into the situation. I want to argue lumping it into the “avian flu” category is an incredible mistake, because that assumes there is nothing we can do to solve the situation. But yet there isn’t much I can do about the situation, because doing something puts an incredible strain on my survival and the effects of which would only be used to support arguments that we shouldn’t do anything. (if the effects can be measured at all)

So i continue to go grocery shopping in my car that has horrible emission standards, I utilize my electrical devices to maintain a comfortable living space, and I still read dispose of trash at the same quantity as ever.


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“a glacier could erupt out my ass and i would still be concerned about the pattern of today’s weather” -dsb date: december 7th, 2006

 Someone was listening, a glacier just erupted out my ass. It is 19 degrees, but feels like 1 degree according to

I’m still worried about climatelogical data and what it means regarding global warming, but i’m that kind of person. I see interpretations of data by various scientists that are not considered “outside” their scope of expertese and think wow they seem to be right, our growth in cultural emmissions seems to mark a change in the average temperature of the world, and it is a drastic change. Not to mention there seems to be a serious correlation between the amount of carbon dioxide in the air and the average temperature. Interesting, i hope our government takes this into account and begins to regulate coporate actions.”

but i’m silly like that.