March 20, 2007

So it is done.

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Wedding Plans created (done)
“” “” dated (done) (May 1st)
Honeymoon Plans planned (done)
Vacation Time requested (done)
Tickets to Japan purchased (done)
Hotel Reservations (done)
Passport (processing)
Packing (pending)

So it is done, and needless to say i’m excited. Our itenerary is as follows:
May 1st
– 8:00 in the morning, or as early as we can wake and dress, we make our way to the courthouse to get married.
– 9:30-5:00 (depending on how long the above takes us) we wander around NYC to find something small to eat and pledge our love to each other etc.
– 5:00 on we will have a little reception for ourselves. spending all of our spending cash that we had saved for Japan.
May 2nd
– wake up exceptionally early to go to the airport and check in for our flight to japan.
– Begining of our Real Honeymoon in Japan.

—— Insert Japanese adventures here ——-
May 10th go back to work.

So as you can see we have everything planned. There is a lot of detail in the above iternary, and as always everything is subject to change.

Funny that is all we have planned. There are some vague possibilities in the future.

I could be layed off/fired this week.
I could be layed off/fired in the next coming weeks.
If i’m not fired, I will be resigning sometime this summer, more likely late summer then anything else at this moment.
I could possibly be going back to school to get my masters in History to allow me to change careers into the teaching profession. (really excited about this possibility.)
I could possibly be making best friends with corn stalks, as they might be more friendly/interesting then the native populace.
I could be living in a colder environment then i currently live by next winter.
I could additionally be working in a part time job next year.
I could be a father in three years.
I could be penniless, alone, and miserable in four years.
I could also be in Europe, lost and looking for a home in 10 years.
I could run a local bar in a small town in Jefferson Parish in 15 years.
I could sell the local bar to another locale in 40 years.
I could die in the ocean by drowning amongst the pollution and the algae in 58 years.

There are very few things that I know, and fewer of those ideas that I don’t doubt. It seems as I progress into maturity, I notice a need for stability. The following list is a list of items that I know,

  • I love and respect my family, of which Mary is and will always be included. I know that I love Mary.
  • I enjoy ideas, ethical memes, philosophical theory, and dialogue.
  • I enjoy mental challenges and physical challenges. Mental challanges are more enjoyable.
  • I like research, learning, argument, law, and more then I can list at this moment.
  • i hate being a paralegal.
  • I am not anal retentive. One would best describe me as “laisez la faire” if i were an economy.
  • I fight a constant battle to inject consciousness into my everyday activies, by concentration/analysis/argument/evaluation/self-doubt/self-analysis etc.
  • It is a constant battle because the world is out to subdue us. Lets be honest. Our society is a society predicated on the notion that we want contentment and lack of conflict or societal friction.