May 26, 2005


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I enjoyed the concert, but the lyrics suck as much in person as they do on cd. go figure.

ok low blow.

honestly the concert was pretty good. I read an article from trent where he says that the fragile was not his best work. This makes me wonder about the whole ordeal. Oh well enough goofing off. Going to work on finding a job.

star wars…

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i can really only say that this movie succeeded in doing what it needed to do, but failing in all the different varing ways the other two movies failed.

– bad dialogue
– bad acting

– successful tie in to the series
– darth vader’s death was pretty kewl, he is a bad ass.
– good production values, but boring action scenes, odd eh? i could have cared less about all the fancy gadgetry, because i cared less about the characters involved.

I cannot wait till my computer gets here… tomorrow… sigh…

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So. I’m here. Does the text look different? The writing style look more professional? My ideas more polished? Has anything changed in your viewing of me?

I doubt it.

I miss my computer. Here is a small list of things i need to do.
– Get a quick job
– Get a monitor
– Get a refrigerator
– Get a dishwasher
– Get a more stable job
– Get a smore stable connection to the internet.

Now i’m supposed to play WoW tomorrow and i’m not sure i’ll physically be able to. I would need a wireless connection to the internet for my cpu, which i don’t have. If not, then i would need to get a stable connection to the internet which costs a lot of money. We don’t have a phone here, just a cell phone.

Not to mention i need a pay check. I’m filling out my monsterjob profile right now. A- is going to give me some information soon about temp agencies.

I saw NIN last night. I will talk about it and star wars in their own posts.

May 23, 2005

movie tonight

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I’m going to Lafayette today and i will buy my ticket and my mom’s ticket.

If you write in here and you still need a ticket just ask me to pick one up for you.

List of people going:
– Me
– Claudia Bennett (My Mom)
– Trey
– Amanda
– Mike (snaars)
– Michelle
– Lucas (old friend from philosophy)
– Heather (old friend Lucas’s girlfriend)

Things i want to do today:
– Say goodbye to-
—- Dr. Korcz
—- Mr. Kinsella
—- Dr. Bradley Pollock
—- Some of my co-workers in Intracoastal City who i worked with.
– Ship my CPU and monitor to New Jersey
– Deposit my checks
– goof off for a couple hours before meeting you guys for the movie.

Oh well. Call me if you guys want to goof off with me i’ll be in Lafayette with a lot of free time after 3:00. (I’m assuming you all have my phone number.)

I vote that we meet at Bennigans before the movie. Not the cheapest, but a better atmosphere then Wendy’s. If not Bennigan’s then we can go to Wendy’s. Commence the voting now.

May 18, 2005

Dumb survey

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I’d recommend not reading this. I took the day off work because my hand hurts like hell.

nuff said… so while bored at home since my mouse/keyboard are in New jersey and my parent’s computer can’t play any games worthwhile, i spend my time filling this out…

Happy birthday…

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Bertrand Russell. Everyone now… 1 … 2 … 3…

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you

you analytical bastard

happppppppyyyy birthday to you……… heh

shame he is dead. google him if you haven’t a clue as to who he is…

Good luck.

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I doubt this will get to you in time, but i just got off the phone and i wanted to wish you good luck again in your interview. I think though that you skills in interviewing will far supercede any difficulties you might encounter.

May 15, 2005

broken cell phone…. and the consequences thereby..

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Yes. I broke my cell phone. Dropped it in an inch deep pool of water.

it sustained survival far longer then anticipated, but that just bred false hope. Pretty soon it didn’t respond to any stimuli. It was dead.

Funerals will be held in the catholic church in the center of Abbeville, you can all prepare words and condolences. I will miss the cell phone, and the fifty dollars required for replacement charges.

In another world i would have had to pay 300 dollars. In yet another world i’d have been more carefull with my cell phone. In yet another world I would not exist.

I graduated yesterday. It was fun, lets do it again some time ;).

I visited with Michael and Michelle’s family after the graduation. Tentative plans to watch crash again with him next monday. I might ask him if we can watch Star Wars III instead.*

Going to a hotel room with Mary. It is an expensive hotel room with a jacuzzi (spelling unknown). Sounds like fun eh? eat your heart out.

The full consequences to the cell phone death, this means that i will need to p.m. you guys and get information from you again. Greydon, Michael, and Ronnie specifically. Lydia if possible, but she never checks this thing.

(watch Crash if you guys can, its a really good movie)

May 13, 2005

short notice…

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Mary and I were thinking about watching crash tonight. If your interested in joining, please respond. The movie begins at 7:30.

Graydon and Ronnie have given potential interests. Dr. Korcz said he would love to watch it last tuesday, hope nothing changed.

May 8, 2005

I did not know Ayn Rand had an ethical system.

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ah heh sorry…

Mike found this. I like how you can weight the questions in the result. For instance if your forced to choose an answer, but don’t think the answer is highly relevant you can weigh the answer lower then the rest. Adds a bit of more depth.

Your Results:

1. Ayn Rand (100%) Click here for info
2. John Stuart Mill (92%) Click here for info
3. Kant (84%) Click here for info
4. Jean-Paul Sartre (75%) Click here for info
5. Aquinas (63%) Click here for info
6. Epicureans (63%) Click here for info
7. Jeremy Bentham (61%) Click here for info
8. Aristotle (61%) Click here for info
9. Prescriptivism (61%) Click here for info
10. Stoics (57%) Click here for info
11. Plato (45%) Click here for info
12. Spinoza (45%) Click here for info
13. St. Augustine (41%) Click here for info
14. David Hume (38%) Click here for info
15. Nietzsche (38%) Click here for info
16. Thomas Hobbes (34%) Click here for info
17. Nel Noddings (33%) Click here for info
18. Cynics (28%) Click here for info
19. Ockham (23%) Click here for info

Apparently i’m a follower of it. DAMN Nietzsche is 15… hehe i thought i might have been tainted by his philosophy, but apparently my beliefs have triumphed.

I’m not sure i agree with this completly.

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