February 23, 2006


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I met a fellow philosopher at LCBF. He studied philosophy at the university of texas and apparently focused his studies on Immanuel Kant. Kant is a very distinguished philosopher, as i’m sure most of you know. He was also religious. All the same, I’m very pleased that there is someone around here that will laugh when i make sly philosophical jokes about existence and knowledge.

I make a lot of those. No one usually gets them.

It isn’t my fault.

February 19, 2006

following mary’s footsteps…

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I unfortunately post this.

Jihari Window

Yes i’d like to know what attributes you find are most indicitive of me. This is the me-ness that you all think I am. Summed up in five-six words. make it count.

February 17, 2006

muslim cartoons

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I know that the outrage over the cartoons has left the media by now, but guess what. I turn over my farside cartoon calender entitled Non-Sequitur and what do i see? A cartoon stating the following:
The boosler Report
A review of stupid events by our news correspondent elayne Boosler.
Today’s lead story, Women join the ranks of suicide bombers.

[Below a picture of Heaven’s gate with people streaming in, and a particular young woman who is covered with what can only be described as soot from an explosion calmly explains,]
“To tell the truth, it was the only way out of the house without a chaperon…”

Not so funny, but politically speaking a bombshell i would assume. No muhammad of course. The danish cartoons seemed fairly weak comparatively.

February 14, 2006

happy valentines day

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To the woman i love. She is the reason for this journal by the way. She is the reason for a lot of things.

I try and tell her how much i love her, but I’m not sure she fully understands.

I try and post some form of acknowledgment to her. I’ve been thinking of her all day. We really have been through a lot. How many people can say they survived through a year’s long-distance relationship.

So i guess the most important thing this post should be, is an acknowledge of my Love. The best way i can do that is record our past. The memories of our past recorded in typeface.

Of course, i will not do it online. I am a man who shares a lot with the world, but these memories are for me and Mary only. I recommend doing this yourself. There is a failure with human memory.

Things fade. Even the moments that when at the time felt like they were a pocket of infinity.

I love you Mary.

February 13, 2006

had to post this…

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Cheney accidentally shoots hunting companion

funny stuff…. i can hear jon stuart now… “The robot’s malfunctioning… THE ROBOT’S MALFUNCTIONING! Call the national guard…. OH NO THE NATIONAL GUARD IS IRAQ! we are DOOMED!”

February 11, 2006

I’ve found that i cannot stay focused at work.

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Which is sad really. The truth is that when i attempt to write at work, my mind is constantly focusing on other aspects of the room. Not to mention i work with like six other people in the same office within their own cubicles.

Well, i’m talking about work right now because tonight i just went to a “gathering” of attorney’s at a bar that also happened to have a pool table.

I need to work on my pool game btw. I’ve become embarrasing. The table was embarrasing, but i made way to many rookie mistakes. anyway, back to the night as a whole.

Mary came with me, so it was really kewl. I did in fact drink, to bypass any potential questions that could cause problems. I’ve given in. I have never been confrontational. Evasive would be the best description. I attempt to evade every possible confrontation, it is why i like chess. Evade, then strike. AND i digress again.

I had a drink. The night was very festive and exciting. I’m really wiped out. It is sad that we were celebrating the success of an attorney. That is, his success in getting a better job at a better lawfirm. Strange eh? Yeah and the firm paid for everything. The tab had to be enormous.

Mary did in fact have a good time, I was very pleased. Before i was concerned that she would feel out of place, but by ten minutes into the party she had warmed up very nicely to everyone and was mingling herself with everyone. I forced her to this thing on date night of all nights. I was concerned about ruining date night with it, but i see it did not.

I was a little concerned about being new. I’ve been there for maybe a week, but it made for very entertaining conversation. One of the patners at the lawfirm joked that give me a few more weeks and i’d be paralegal number 1. The funny thing is, he doesn’t know how true he could be. I will just say this, the attorney who is leaving was the favorite attorney of the current number 1 paralegal. Right, so i give him maybe 5-6 weeks of job searching.

Honestly though, I was treated very well. It was nice. After being practically spit upon by so many secretaries, it was nice that the attorney’s treated me with serious respect. Until i scratched on the eight ball.

Did i mention my pool skillz need help. Honestly i was doing well, but then i fucked up. Pisses me off.

All the same, I had fun and i believe Mary had fun. I AM SO WIPED out. need to sleep. I actually feel excited to work on the cases again monday.

I also saw Stacy, one of my bosses smashed. OH my god. she was sooo fucking smashed.

It was hilarious.

February 9, 2006


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Man they had this party setup for tonight in which the whole firm would get together, but they changed venue and time. Instead of meeting tonight they choose to meet tomorrow night. unf that means i cannot attend.

Sad news.

I wasn’t that excited about going to the party anyways. What i am excited about is the fact that i can go to various trials and see my hard work and effort in action. I’m pumped for that. Can you believe it?

Oh well it isn’t for a long time though, ah well.

I’m kind of tired. So i may not be clearly stating myself at this point.

February 7, 2006

recent post,

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due to a lack of understanding behind the whole situation, i removed the previous post.

Apparently I don’t know the whole situation, and as a such cannot post my thoughts about the situation.

suffice it to say, yesterday morning was a bad morning,
woke up to detailed discourse given in quick and stunted statements directed at me.
something about p.o.s stove, washer, and neighbor who apparently manipulated the situaiton to where we would fight his battles.

AND the key to my last post which was apparently glossed by, the manager who tends to manipulate people against each other with lies and deception. The best thing i remember was, “your neighbor took the brand new stove out of your apartment? whaa? Damnit… he shouldn’t have done that.” all the while it comes to find out the fucking manager said it was perfectly fine for the neighbor to actually take the stove. oh yeah he was a stock-broker, professor at a university, banker, etc. something tells me he is a liar, but i can’t verify that yet.

I hate getting pulled into shit that isn’t my business.