February 19, 2006

following mary’s footsteps…

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I unfortunately post this.

Jihari Window

Yes i’d like to know what attributes you find are most indicitive of me. This is the me-ness that you all think I am. Summed up in five-six words. make it count.

3 Responses to “following mary’s footsteps…”

  1. snaars Says:

    sorry so late 🙁

  2. mealymel Says:

    i described you. i kept looking for argumentative, but it wasn’t on the chart (that would’ve been complimentary, by the way).

  3. arglor Says:

    “You argue a lot”……………….. “too much really”……… “I mean that in the best manner possible” 😉 – Mealymel directed to Arglor “no i don’t” -Arglor directed to Mealymel