February 14, 2006

happy valentines day

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To the woman i love. She is the reason for this journal by the way. She is the reason for a lot of things.

I try and tell her how much i love her, but I’m not sure she fully understands.

I try and post some form of acknowledgment to her. I’ve been thinking of her all day. We really have been through a lot. How many people can say they survived through a year’s long-distance relationship.

So i guess the most important thing this post should be, is an acknowledge of my Love. The best way i can do that is record our past. The memories of our past recorded in typeface.

Of course, i will not do it online. I am a man who shares a lot with the world, but these memories are for me and Mary only. I recommend doing this yourself. There is a failure with human memory.

Things fade. Even the moments that when at the time felt like they were a pocket of infinity.

I love you Mary.

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  1. mayfly Says:

    this post answered IRL with the presentation of script on a mobius strip.