June 8, 2005

A lot like the sims…

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I was just thinking as i was talking to Mary, i need friends now. I got a job… Now all i need are a couple of friends to hang out with… hehe..

heh i feel like going out but i haven’t a clue where…


movie perhaps? I need my computer.

I just got the job… wOOHOOO!

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June 7, 2005


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What to say about the last few days. I haven’t spoken about movies lately.

I did not go see Basquiat. I know i know. The lines were insane even when i had to pay to see it. I wasn’t waiting two hours to see paintings of a man i’m not sure i even like. I was interested, but not enthused.

Now there is another exhibit that i see is going on right now that i will go to see soon. It is Monet. Monet’s visions of London. That sounds like fun.

UPS debacle: Not much going on in this front. I was issued a claim number, and now they will decide whether they will pay for it or not. No solid answer, but it looks hopeful. Apparently the lady who is head of Allied Services thinks this is a positive view, but not a guaranteed demonstration of good-will. Oh well.

Job search update: I have an interview with a job that offers 14 dollars per hour and is a temporary position that after three months will grow to a permanent position. The Temp Agency i told you about is “recomending” me for the job, whatever that means. There is still an interview process i’m supposed to go through. Also the job is doing accounting work. If i don’t like the job at any time, i can leave it and the temp agency will look for more work for me fulfill.

If i get it, and all goes through, a 14$ an hour is around 2240 a month before taxes, this is not a bad job up here. After Rent and necessary expenses, it seems i will have a good bit of money to set-aside. This is good because you should see the list of things we need up here.
– clothes to work in.
– Non-Dorm Size Refrigerator
– Dishwasher
– clothes to go out in.
– World of Warcraft back up and running.
– STABLE internet connection.

heh there are more things, but this is right off the top of my head.

Oh well. This was just an update.

P.S. I like Word Press.

June 4, 2005


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I’m supposed to go see the Basuiat museum exhibit tonight which is free. I hope it works out. I’ve heard so much about his work and yet i’ve never really seen it.

I think WDuluoz enjoys his work a lot. Never got word about what temp position i’m being offerred. Shame really. Monday will either really fucking suck or really fucking rule.

I also find out if UPS will pay for my computer, which reminds me. I need to prove the worth of my computer. i’ll be back.

June 3, 2005

I might could potentially have a temp job…

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thats what the lady said. She told me to call her back by 3:00 today to get the final word and then she wasn’t in her office at 3:00 so. I will wait till monday morning and find out then i guess.

Disappointed. No other word from any other job, of couse it is only one or two days after i’ve applied for them, so i guess i should give them time.

You know, i just want someone to tell me, “You will get paid on ______ day” so i can feel better when i spend money.

Oh well.

UPS came by yesterday and took pictures of the damage. They will forward the pictures to the “insurence agency” and the insurence agency will make a claim and get back to the “shipping agent” (allied services) with their answer as to whether i will be compensated or not.

The UPS damage assessment people were not exactly helpful, but they were nice. Turns out that according to shipping regulations i was not supposed to use the original box and materials to ship the equipment in. This is news to me because allied services stated that it would be fine to ship my materials in the “original shipping material”.

I have a feeling that i’m not going to get replacement funds, in which case i will be attempting to put the computer backtogether as safely as possible.

Unfortunatly they are turning the situation into an adverserial position. They are saying that it is ultimatly allied services fault for not informing me of the safest shipping method. Allied services is in turn saying that it is my fault because “David didn’t want to pay the money to package the box like we wanted him to package the box, which would cost roughly 40$.” I argued that i didn’t have the 80 bucks prepared to ship a pc to NYC… it is all irrelevant in the end.

I don’t know whats going to happen. I hate insurrence companies though, becuase they never fulfill what they claim to cover. It always comes down to a technicallity. “Sure i’ll protect your house from a flood.*” Of course there are times in which the little guy gets the better of the insurence company, and then the insurrence company deems you unfit for their insurence.. so the cancel your coverage. Fucking insane.

*flood must be an act of god**.

**God doesn’t exist so the flood must be the effect of a nonexistent entity’s action.

June 2, 2005

There is an addendum to the last post.

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There is another reason i haven’t been posting much, because progress in the job search has been so little. Maybe i hinted, or even stated this earlier, but you see nothing is worse then being unemployed and having bills coming up that need money to be paid and the significant other feels like your goofing off. So i avoided the blogsphere 100% until i got some sort of positive progress. If i had negative progress, then it would look twice as bad to the woman i love if i spent 10% of my time writing blogs. aka goofing off. So my time at the computer has been spent working. I wake up at 8-9 and begin searching and sending out resumes.

Today i went to an interview and took tests for delta legal, which is a legal temp agency. I scored as follows:
100% -> Excel
97% -> Word
100% -> Powerpoint
76 Words per minute average typing test.

woo hoo go me. What is not listed above is that I also played IT guy in the back. The computer froze during the tests. I got a secretary to come in and told her how to diagnose the problem. Java script is a bitch, and for somereason it was flooding their computer and freezing it. I told her it might have something to do with having five java applications open in the background simultaneously. She asked how to close them. I closed them. Problem is the problem was recurring. So she got their own IT guy to come out and tell me that the computer was FUBAR so i moved to another compute. I thought to myself, “I could do his job”. After the Interviewer recieved my results she was very pleased with my performance, like i knew she would be.

I’m thinking of going back tomorrow and taking the wordperfect test and some of the more advanced tests. They say we can study the programs before taking the tests. When i took the typing test, i pissed off everyone in the room. They were trying to take their typing tests, and i was throwing them off. Funny.

Vegetarianism isn’t going so good. I have resigned to arguing that i’m a “conscientious eater” What is that you ask? I’m glad you asked, it is someone who recognized the pain and suffering animals go through before I partake of their flesh. I consign myself to being 25% carnivore. I can’t give meat up. I don’t like enough vegetables.

P.S. Now i need to send my resume off to the ACLU and other establishments. Man i hope one kewl lawfirm signs me up for a training position. I really would like to get working in Law.

June 1, 2005

what? ok… ok… i was busy….

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and depressed. Man I was hit hard. Long and detailed rundown of my life the last few days and my interpretations follow:
– Go to see Star Wars and ended up being mildly disappointed. Well actually really dissappointed. I had built up going to watch this movie so much due to the large amount of time spent at work at M.I. dreaming of the three day stretch i had coming up.
– Go to see NIN in concert and i was mildly dissappointed. Yet again, really dissappointed. “I wanted something i could not have.” The best part of it all was seeing how much enjoyment Trey got out of the concert. There is a little part to the concert you might not know. Since we staggered in so late, we got split up. The whole concert i spent 15 seats from the people i came with. This was very prophetic. Seeing as the next day i would be so many miles away from them.
– I got to the hotel and the realization that my mom that would deposit a check earlier then anticipated, which meant i would get a 30 dollar non-sufficient funds charge. Not the best news to come down to after a concert.
– After getting lost in houston trying to get to an airport i’ve never even heard of, we finally make it to the airport with plenty of time to get through security. But then it strikes. It being the recognition that i will be saying goodbye to some close friends and a brother that i have always been around and influenced by. Needless to say it wasn’t the best feeling to say goodbye to all of them.
– I get on the plane and suffer through some of the worst airtravel i’ve ever been on.
– Landing in Atlanta i learn that the airplane’s departure has been delayed to to rough weather in New York. 3 hour delay plus the original 1 hour layover meant an insane amount of “me” time in the airport. This allowed me to think over a lot of things. The conclusions of which i will never give to anyone.
– Landing in NY at 9:00 instead of the planned 5:00 set me in an odd mood.
– Thursday i wake up to work on getting everything ready to present, but i can’t seem to get motivated. I’m seriously wiped out. Mary and I work on my resume. Trey reviewed my resume and sent back advice. Congealing all the advice into a consistent resume, i came to the conclusion that i need to start looking for a job.
– We go grocery Shopping. It is a lot of money for a week. I worry. Money is dwindling and job hasn’t been secured.
– Friday my computer is dropped off. I have a sinking feeling as i evaluate the box. It doens’t look good. Opening the box up i see that the stirofoam protecting my case has been torn into pieces. My heart falls to the ground. I do this worried pacing thing i always do when i recognize that something is about to go seriously fucking wrong. I open up my case and all my parts fall onto the ground in a disorganized mess. I feel sick. I call Allied Services and tell them my problem, they lodge the report and say they can’t get back to me until tuesday.
– Saturday trying to get my mind off of the week of depressing events, Mary and I go to central park. It is beautiful. We get lost in Harlem as Mary decides to “explore”. Not the safest of places Harlem. Don’t worry nothing happened, just realized that after all is said and done we should have avoided one of the spots we went through.
– Sunday i spend most of my day occuping my time since we have only one computer right now and it is Mary’s computer. She wants to write. So I do other things. Like Zelda Four Swords. Yes. Its a bad game. I won’t get into how boring the game is. I couldn’t do anything productive because my mind was scatterred.
– Monday we go shopping at the mall and i get a shirt to go to interviews in. I finish my resume and finish a cover letter.
– Tuesday i wake up and begin working again about to send my resume out, when i notice UPS HAS yet to call me. So i call allied services again and stress the exact dilemma i’m facing. Lack of computer and the lack of progress with finding a job due to the lack of my computer. They tell me they are trying their best to expedite the procedure.
– In the background here i failed to mention the fact that I am in need of a new phone number. One difficulty in applying for jobs with a louisiana phone number, is that they don’t want to call you back. I can’t change my phone number because the UPS people have my phone number as my only contact information. Catch 22. Except this is not a duality. I force UPS to update my phone number and run off to cingular to change my phone number. UPS uses Mary’s phone number and i get my new phone number from cingular.
– I call UPS and give them my new phone number and i put my new phone number on the resumes and send them out. I send five resumes to temp agencies. Pleased i begin adding more jobs positions to my database so i can send out my resume to even more. I’m doing the shotgun effect to getting a job. Sending out as many resume’s as possible and hoping someone bites.
– This morning i wake up and finish another resume to send out. I call two more temp agencies and set up an interview appointment with one of them. I call Mr. Kinsella and get the information needed to finish my NAACP resume. It is now ready to send out. In a couple minutes i’ll be done with my ACLU resume and i will send it out. I will also be sending out resume’s to the Lambda group and also to the Innocence Project. Each with tailored Cover Letters.
– I finally get a call from UPS and find out they will be sending an insurrance agent soon.

In all aspects, the view from here and now looks positive. And that is why i wrote this blog entry. I’ve been avoiding the blog, because i had nothing but bad news to share. Now i have good news.

Tonight Mary and I are going to a park to watch Garden State under the stars. It should be nice. It is free to. free is always good.

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