June 28, 2005


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so batman begins…. i want to say so much about it but i don’t want to ruin the movie for you… so let me just give away a few tid bits that i think will not in fact ruin the movie for you…

A) this is not the batman we know from batman year one. In fact this movie has very little if any relation to the comic batman year one.

B) The Gotham city that batman finds himself in is very similar to the gotham city of the animated series. Mechanistically speaking. Gangsters and ninja are a lot more prevalent, and the backgrounds of the villains are very similar to the cartoon.

C) This is a completly new origin of batman, it has very little if any correlation to any other origin story of batman.

D) I don’t like the new actor who plays batman/bruce wayne. He is a much more convincing bruce wayne then batman of course. This has always been a dilemma. Val kilmer sucked as bruce wayne and batman, but would have been good as superman i believe. Michael keaton on the other hand was the best and will always be the best combination of both, although he soared as bruce wayne. I don’t know necessarily why i don’t like the new batman actor so much, other then he doesn’t look impressive in the suit. kind of looks like a kid dressing up for halloween. Oh well he isn’t that horrible that it ruined the movie.

i’m done for now… maybe i’ll add more tonight before picking mary up at the airport.

she is coming home.

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  1. horselover_fat Says:

    Just wanted to chime in and say, overall, I liked it quite a bit. It is much, much better than the steaming pile of shit that Schumacher(?) turned the franchise into. Maybe I’ll add more later. Maybe not. Got something like 4 or 5 homework assignmenets I should be working on (I got a little behind). Ron. (Probably see WoW tomorrow)