June 28, 2005


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just an update and overall surveilance view. I guess i did what every website does right before they die out. they fail to update for a given amount of time and their readership dies and never really picks itself back up…………. *hears the silence amongst the empty streets* yes well… i never wrote this thing for the audience itself, it was my own catalog and analysis of my ideas… although feedback was always welcome…

point two of this quickie post is to say that Mary is coming back home tonight. I’m a flitter with excitement. Did i just say a flitter?

point three of this post is to alter my previous post and say that i really did like batman begins, but there were just some things about the “origin” of batman that i didn’t like… i bet i could write an origin story that would make batman shine… or at least it would make my perception of batman shine, but i like my perception of who batman is…

point four is to say that work seems to be going well. i’m very much appretiated by my boss, which is a change because i was making a few errors earlier that made my boss very aggrivated with me… and made last week suxxors…

point five is i shipped my pc to the claims department of ups and they should be cutting me a check soon… man i can’t wait till that happens so i can get a computer of comparable worth into this house and give mary her laptop back… she needs her equipment.

ok done.. googling directions to laguardia now… i’m nervous as hell about driving in NYC…

4 Responses to “quickie….”

  1. wduluoz Says:

    Update on conversion process: I have the plugin working. I will be installing wordpress on your domain. and setting up your site. I need you to decide which theme you want or if you want me to reproduce this one. I expect to have your site running before next week. If you have any questions, um you know where to reach me. I hope to make this as painless as possible. I can have it setup where both will be running for a time until everything is good. damn its late. Wilbur

  2. horselover_fat Says:

    [quote:d99024d0b5]and say that i really did like batman begins[/quote:d99024d0b5] Ahem. I can be pretty convincing sometimes. Ron.

  3. arglor Says:

    i liked batman begins before i even talked to you… i just re-read my last post about the movie and realized i didn’t tell you that… but the whole reason i wrote a post on it is because i thought the movie warranted a post about it…. notice i didn’t write a post about hitch? its because hitch sucked… suxxors… etc.

  4. mayfly Says:

    what’s up with the reversion to gaming slang? not everyone who reads your blog knows it, you know. i wouldn’t know it if you hadn’t explained it to me in the yahoo instant messenger days… did you find a game you could play on my laptop while i was gone? :mrgreen: