June 10, 2005


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Recap. I found out i had a job with renewable income, i went crazy. I spend 38.50 the first night.
Movie: Palindromes (sp?) (Ava is an example of what this word means, aviva.. or mom… or anna… or toot…. etc) 11.00
Water at the theater: 4:00 + 3.50 for some welch’s candies because to use my credit card it had to be 7:00 and i didn’t have cash.
Blockbuster: 20.00 for renting the following:
-Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
-The Urbz: Sims in urban life.
-Resident… Evil… 4
—-read like the guy says it in the game…

Confessions is great. I love it. Mary hates it. I’ll let her explain why she hates it, i’ll just allude to things i like about the movie.

For one thing, the colors used throughout the film are gorgeous. The lighting is absoluetly fantastic. The main actor is a great embodiement of who i think Chuck Barris is really like. The story has one major strength, it is told by a man who has played fiddle to the world’s demands and being mocked and chided for becoming too sucesseful at giving the world what they want. In the end of all the critical blackout, he flees for solitude and realizing he hasn’t lived the life he wants to have lived makes it better. He writes himself as James Bond. Realizing, like all good authors do, that if his material was too clean and scarred his life too much that the story wouldn’t sell. This causes him to dirty his work up by acting like he was pressured into doing the job he creates himself. In the end he wipes all history of such occurences by slowly annihilating every possible witness to his “assassin role”. He claims there is a mole, but in the end he is an old man who wants forgiveness for his sins(breaches of human compassion, not chirstian sins exclusively). He recognizes that he has treated and preyed upon the weakness of man to profit for himself, and he gets torn up by the jackels. All that is left is his autobiography.

And then Jerry Springer comes along ;). What oh what could possibly happen to him? Could he be Santa Clause? or perhaps he is an infamous drug smuggler….

no idea.

In the end, the real gem of the movie is Charlie Kaufman’s voice. The blended style of scenes, the merging of reality and fiction. Clooney claims that the uncut scene technique was his own idea, but i doubt it. Too many other Kaufman films have that technique. Kaufman uses it in ESOTSM to demonstrate the rail like presentation dreams often take. There are other movies i cannot think of right of hand specifics. I just doubt Clooney had the idea of using uncut sequences. If he did, bravo because it works seamlessly with Kaufman’s script. Kaufman also makes pieces of art. Kinsella once argued that a painting must be framed before it could be sold. I argue that Kaufman approaches his films in the method. In Human Nature the confession method frames the film. As each character confesses and speaks frankly to the camera, the story is told. In adaptation the film itself becomes the framework. As the film is made and the scriptwriter talks about how the script will fall, we see those glimpses as framing the ultimate piece of art. In ESOTSM we see reality framing the dream. In Being John Malkovich the framework is the real world, while the story is what occurs inside Malkovich’s head. In confessions we see reality framing the story being told. The hotel sequence that demonstrates present day gives context and key to unlocking the truth of the story. Of course this is just what i understand Kaufman’s storytelling technique to hinge upon.

The final great thing about the movie of course is the last line, it is so fucking good.

I also saw palindromes/roshomon/the seven samurai so i’ll talk about them later some time.

oh well i went to see an art exhibit for maurice sendak (sp?) who is the writer/illustrator of some of the best children’s books. Where the wild things are has to have been one of my favorite books. It is about a kid with a rich imagination. I’m sure you guys saw it. Anyways at the exhibit i learned that Maurice Sendak is Jewish and lot of his stories that i never read, could in fact be interpreted in a very adult manner. Allusions to cremetories and hitler abound. He even wanted to directly reference it in one book. This information makes his stories so much richer and meaningful. His art was always intricate. Go see Mary’s blog for examples of it.

Thanks mom for exposing me to such a great artist at such a young age. I appretiate it. His art in the exhibit was astounding, and there is apparently a ballet recorded about the story in which the story is acted out. I really want to see that. I saw bits in the exhibit and it was beautiful.

not much else, i start monday. whoo hoo.

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  1. mayfly Says:

    re: [i:bcf7100f4a]confessions[/i:bcf7100f4a] – i didn’t hate it, i just didn’t think it was as great as you did. i think i’d need to watch it more than once to appreciate the subtleties of the movie, but i was a little bored the first time so i doubt i will. sorry. i still can’t get over the fact that kaufman is only a screenwriter and not a director. he seems to have so much power over the execution of his scripts, and writers rarely have power over anything. from what i understand (from screenwriting class, and from new friends up here who were film students, and other new friends up here who make movies) the big kahuna is always the director… i just looked on imdb.com though… for [i:bcf7100f4a]esotsm, adaptation, human nature, confessions, [/i:bcf7100f4a]and [i:bcf7100f4a]bjm[/i:bcf7100f4a], he was not only the writer but also the producer or executive producer. in each and every one. so that helps to explain that…

  2. horselover_fat Says:

    what is ESOTSM?

  3. wduluoz Says:

    [quote:eea9f405b5=”horselover_fat”]what is ESOTSM?[/quote:eea9f405b5] Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Wilbur

  4. arglor Says:

    hehehe joke of course, although if i had to list my favorite movies, it would be number one for right now… then again charlie kaufman’s movies would dominate my top ten list if i didn’t group them together under “Charlie Kaufman’s Movies”… really great film..

  5. horselover_fat Says:

    ESOTSM= [quote:e61f7c8940]Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.[/quote:e61f7c8940] D’oh! Yeah, good movie. Ron.

  6. mayfly Says:

    1. roshomon [token akira kurosawa movie] 2. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind [token charlie kaufman movie] 3. the seventh seal [token ingmar bergman movie] 4. the last temptation of jesus christ 5. big fish 6. waking life 7. the house of flying daggers 8. dracula [token bela lugosi movie] 9. fear and loathing in las vegas [token johnny depp movie] 10. labyrinth [token puppet movie] 11. hush, hush sweet charlotte [token bette davis movie] …

  7. snaars Says:

    So, How’s the new job?