October 28, 2004

i needed that…

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Jon Stuart… wow.. after a day of being angry at the inability i see within the world for change i get a man with a lighthearted and yet very serious take on reality. The method of delivery is light-hearted while the subject matter is very serious.

First was the PBS show with Charlie Rose where Jon pontificated about strange things like politicians are monkeys throwing feces and that the media should not be saying, “thats what they (politicians and monkeys) do.” instead they should be stating that, “That is what they do, but still those are Bad Monkeys.”

bad metaphor but it worked in his context… one way metaphor… can’t go backwards

C-Span question and answer period… awesome… he is hillarious… and he makes me feel like the world isn’t that bad… one statement i like that he said…

“When bush says, “Let history judge if i’ve made a mistake.” is unfortunatly wrong. We don’t have the time to let history be the judge. We need to judge now because the reactions of the judgements are here and now. ”

beautiful statement. and i paraphrased because i’m horrible at quoting.. horrible.. so now i’m going to be making a recording of this on tape for my history proffessor…

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