December 15, 2004

nothing important… some of the news is game related…

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Here is a series of news bulletins that i found interesting to pass on to Trey and anyone else who happens to read this and enjoys video games…

– Anarchy Online is now FREE for a whole year! wooot. Download the client at funcom’s website create an account and let it go for a whole year… 2006 you have to start paying… this is interesting.

– You can also get into some interesting ghost-related conversations with Dawn Star and other students at the academy, foreshadowing later events in the Spirit Cave and the game’s overall story. Mind you, some of that dialogue will have to be subtitled, due to the game’s frequent usage of a fictional language created by Asian linguists.

– Nintendo Dual screen (DS for short) will be able to play movies and mp3s… interesting little application. It is going to compete with the psp being released by Sony.


In other News i thought i should mention this.
– NASA administrator Sean O’Keefe is leaving to teach at LSU.

– In one of the most comprehensive studies that plants in the Northeast are responding to the global warming trend, Cornell scientists and their colleagues at the University of Wisconsin found lilacs are blooming about four days earlier than they did in 1965. -> CNN.

– Men are about to go extinct.. no honestly read this.. hehe (it is simply a potential.. i’m joking.. just read the story– and Mary… kiss my ass… here is the article… so now you and your skeptical beliefs can take a hike… i swear some people won’t even let you bring up a talking point without putting you to the torture systems to find out the sources and validate the potential truths.)

– Phones might be able to be used on airplanes. Not sure this is a great idea because i will put my phone next to my speakers and i hear the clicks and sounds coming from the speakers… hmm wonder what would happen to planes…

p.s. sexual development is becoming extinct? Oh man that would suck… i don’t want to have children who will have children who will have children who might have to face this horrible reality… screw that…

6 Responses to “nothing important… some of the news is game related…”

  1. mayfly Says:

    i’m not worried… the end of the article discusses the manner in which the important aspects of the Y chromosome are preserving themselves. and i buy that. i sincerely doubt the human body would fail to protect itself from devolution, despite evidence to the contrary in the male psyche. 😈 perhaps men are just simple creatures whose traits can be stored in 80 genes or less. 😆 i knew there was something wrong with you guys…. 😉

  2. mayfly Says:

    i feel better today. woke up feeling tired but rested. you know how when sleep sort of leeches over into your consciousness for a good while and you can’t fully wake up but then when you do you realize you got a really good sleep? so i woke up feeling not as sick. and missing you.

  3. arglor Says:

    heh nice… it is always good to feel better.. it is controversial whether or not males are going extinct… there are experts who say one way and experts who say the other way… animals have been known to de-evolve into extinction… so…

  4. arglor Says:

    [quote:b5bcf0c511=”sophia_de_philo”]:twisted: perhaps men are just [i:b5bcf0c511]simple[/i:b5bcf0c511] creatures whose traits can be stored in 80 genes or less. 😆 i knew there was something wrong with you guys…. ;)[/quote:b5bcf0c511] 🙄 we still share a majority of our genepool, it is just that there are only 80 genes that are male-sex oriented… so we arn’t geneticly dumb or something… and women arn’t genetically bitchy… wait yes they are 😮 … 8)

  5. wduluoz Says:

    David might actually play AO with me. maybe hopefully I need another job. Wilbur

  6. arglor Says:

    if i can buy WoW though i’m buying it…