December 20, 2004

funny funny…

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Hillarious. The governor of illinois bantered on about his website geared to ban violent games in Illinois and when releasing the url he said .com instead of .org. Funny funny… just so happened there was a .com website talking about, you guessed it, how sorry it is that the governor decides to regulate the pruchases of individuals by blanket bans.

Among the games listed, interesting enough is a little book.

That book’s title is 1984.

2 Responses to “funny funny…”

  1. snaars Says:

    That makes me SO MAD!!! Are you serious about 1984 being on there? What’s the url? i’ve got to see this for myself.

  2. arglor Says: wow not sure the above should make you angry… …………………………………have you played any violent video games mike? BTW the book is a statement, it isn’t actually being banned. The guy is saying look at all the games being banned… and oh lookie here this is a book that has been controversial and banned before… and remember what 1984 said? watch out for the government doing bad things to you because they are all powerfull. The book isn’t actually being banned.