December 20, 2004

here is a newsbit i found out for myself… not philosophical…

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i say i found out myself.. i mean to say i found on the web on one of my many sites i visit on a regular basis…

Ever read a book called Earthsea? Ursula Le Guin wrote the novel. Apparently Sci Fi was producing a movie/tv thing and she has officially disowned it.
This is her sentiments:
“Having looked over the script, I realised they had no understanding of what the two books are about, and no interest in finding out. All they intended was to use the name Earthsea, and some of the scenes from the books, in a generic MacMagic movie with a meaningless plot based on sex and violence. (And “faith” — according to Mr Halmi. Faith in what? Who knows? Who cares?)”

Awesome if you ask me. When will hollywood learn. Never because people will still shell out the money to see this stuff and writers will always claim their ideas have been raped on the silver screen. It is a vicious cycle.

Why did i feel you need to know this since i don’t care about earthsea or it’s demonspawn? I point this at Trey who told me that this would be a great movie/tv thing almost comparative to Dune. I said wow.. hope it is good. my hope was wasted..

Tomorrow Mary comes over.. i’m staying awake to help wake her sexy ass up so she can catch the plane… don’t want her missing the plane… i figure we can sleep in each other’s arms after she comes here… too much info i know…

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