January 31, 2005

Here we go my nest of fear grows more crowded.

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The situation as it stands. We are still engaged in a War with Iraq. Troops are still stationed in Iraq. Violence is still occuring. Largest loss of British life since the begining of the war occured when a hercules went down shortly after taking off from the bhagdad airport. Believed to be shot down by an anti-tank missile… apparently the missile didn’t know the plane wasn’t a tank.. sorry just kidding..

Seymour Hershe wrote an expose` on our Pentagon’s plans for invading Iran. I first saw this on the Daily show and i overheard this morning that the belief is that Israel will start the war with Iran.

Some background just so you know, iran is the country bordered by both Iraq and Afghanistan. From a militaristic point of view we could use pincer tactics to invade iran. This is of course assuming we had the troop numbers, which i’m not sure we do, but i’m not a military leader.

What does this mean? Can i dare utter the words World War Three? Does this not scare the shit out everyone?

World War One: Death of a leader sent the world to war.
World War Two: Wrapping up what the end of WWI started.
World War Three: Religious entanglements and a reinaction of the Crusades.
Israel bombs Iran. Iran Counters. The western world is pulled into a war of religious fundamentality.

What does this mean for me?

I move to New York at the end of the year. For better or worse, this is the way things are.

options facing me:
– Fight and die for a country that does things i do not believe in.
– Flee the country before a draft is called to support this religious war.
– Hide inside the country till the draft is enacted and then make the choice then.

4 Responses to “Here we go my nest of fear grows more crowded.”

  1. snaars Says:

    Let’s not over-react. You could shoot yourself in the foot … they would assume you’re psycho, a danger to yourself or others … Aw, hell they probably won’t care. Maybe you’d better stay here so you can flee across the gulf. Castro has resisted the US for forty years. You’d starve there, but you wouldn’t have to shoot anyone. Except if you were defending yourself from the drug mafia. Or the police. (Do they have drugs in Cuba? I know they come from South America somewhere, but it’s a big place. Here my knowledge is embarassingly sketchy.)You’d have to evade the police. That might not be too hard – the last thing they expect is people trying to get in. Learn Spanish. Steal. Find a job. Making a couple dollars a day. Damn. Maybe you could get to France?

  2. arglor Says:

    france… they are safe? … how many hicks have you heard that we needed to invade paris? I fear the hick.

  3. mayfly Says:

    The hick is not backed by corporate interests. France = safe. I say you hide under my bed till the draft is over. We’ll report you missing. No one will look here. Except if they read this. Damn.

  4. snaars Says:

    Hey, I know the perfect place to hide! Okay, here goes … What’s a place just LIKE France … but isn’t REALLY France …? Did you guess it? Okay, but I can’t really tell you in case someone reads this … Let’s just say it’s in Africa and I’ll code-name it French Ghiana. And let’s emphasize further that this is a CODE NAME so you’re NOT really going there. Because it’s just a code name. Not the real place. Ah well it’s late and I’m getting silly reading this metaphysics stuff.