December 12, 2005

So life, the usual, and everything left.

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On Sunday i commited Seppuko. It is a long story, but suffice it to say there was several other deaths in conjunction to mine. It is just my lord died right before my eyes and i was fluttering around the head of an embecile. What can a man do after your lord is utterly destroyed.

shed your armor and sheath the dagger in it’s home.

Now i need to design a new destiny, but first lets look in a few more windows.

I watched a moving castle a couple days ago, Howl’s to be exact. That was very japanese. The storyline was very well written. Beautiful artwork, like usual. The ideas flowed, but were not neccessarily cohesive. I can honestly say i enjoyed the aspects of the film though.

And a couple minutes ago i finished a beautiful film, the title is mirror mask. Jim Hennson…….. all i have to say is they are my god. Their set design work in that film demonstrates a beauty i’ve not seen in a long time, apparently all they need is an artist with a vision to make it work. Apparenlty if they are given a style, nothing stops them. The concept was designed by Neil Gaimen and Dave McKean. Comic buffs should recognize both of those names. Literary snobs should loathe the first. Dave McKean’s artistic vision is poigniant. I love it.

Ok here i go, Neil Gaimen’s script was not horrible. That is the most i can say about it. It comes down to this, He has a type and sticks with it. He isn’t the best idea creator, but manipulator he is a genius of a sorts, if a genius can be qualified as one who manipulates other ideas?. In the end, the script didn’t fail the movie. It did what it was supposed to do. Sure sure, you say it is the alice in wonderland story retold…. the labrynth story retold… the story of OZ … retold… and i tell you yes…. you are right. He even ressurrects mythology’s riddles and shoves them back to us. The question i have is this, wasn’t a storyteller’s main job to alter the tales of the past to conform to today? If so he is a masterwork storyteller, not a writer, not a literary scholar, just a story-teller. AND his story wasn’t bad, in fact it was good. It succeeded in all the other stories, his translation wasn’t bad at all. not at all.

The film was very artistically done. I want the DVD now, but it doesn’t come out on dvd till february……. right.. feburary.

soooo my new life… i think i’m going to be a gnostic….. yes…. a gnostic… perhaps a seeker… that sounds interesting… focus my life on finding the truth.

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  1. mayfly Says:

    hopefully you are simply trying to intrigue people by talking about d&d without specifying that you are doing so, in the beginning and end of that post, and haven’t actually experienced a psychotic break. that would suck. my love… don’t experience a psychotic break… would i hate mirror mask? or does the artwork itself bring it up to the marymightlikeit level? what about a moving castle? remember when you were all about showing me these things? i love you. i have no idea where you are. you said you would be home late. . .