March 7, 2006

Wow… simply wow…

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Hello friend… please come in… have a seat.. Can I get you anything? cookie? water? milk?
I know you must have a thousand questions, but please let me begin.
We here at Arglor Enterprises Inc pride ourselves on being on top of situations like yours.
We are proud of our reputation as problem solvers, your virtual swiss army knife for any possible situation.
We understand exactly what it is that you need, and why it is that you need it now.
So it is with this understanding that I offer my condolences for the past and my visions for the future. The future of you that is.
So what do you say? Are you ready to make the commitment?

You can fight it. Everyone tries, but when you’re bombarded enough your spine begins to break. The muscles seize up and tighten. Your soul all but vanishes from inside. Something shrivels up inside and begins to reek.

In the beginning I was resolute in untucking my shirt. It was instinct. There was the “they” and there was the “I”. Existential crisis averted. As long as I held on to the “I”, there was nothing that couldn’t happen. Unfortunately that is not the case.

Lines are crossed. Statements are said. Conclusions are drawn.

Now I don’t fight as much. My shirt was tucked in a couple days ago as I walked into the house. It struck me as odd. It didn’t even feel uncomfortable.


Go see this website video. It left me in awe.

Be warned. It is 36 minutes long.

Will Wright is designing that game… He designed The Sims.

Process driven animation.

3 Responses to “Wow… simply wow…”

  1. wduluoz Says:

    Cant wait for spore.

  2. dramke Says:

    does that mean we have become part of the establishment..???? check my blog. there is a “funny” posted.

  3. snaars Says:

    Drat. I watched it. I think I’ll have to buy it. You sold me. I’m being drawn back into the swirling black vortex of fun that is the computer gaming industry!!!