March 27, 2006

funny little story…

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I know i haven’t posted much lately, i’ve been kind of working late/tired/brain felt like mush.

My brain still feels like mush.

But, now i’m posting. I had a very interesting weekend. I got together with a friend of mine, and went out exploring the city. I’ll be honest. I haven’t done much in New York since moving here. There has always been more important things to spend money on then going out.

Well surprise there still are more important things to spend money on outside of going out on the town, but I am begining to notice a trend. The more i spend money on things “more important” the more things i find that are more important.

So i decided that i would like to go out one night, and had the impetice to do this exact thing.

The night began at a pool hall where i learned all my skillz have dried up. I’m worthless again. not worth a damn. Worse then i’ve ever been. Pool has fled my skill-set. I need a table so i can practice. The place we went was a little place called Fat Cat Billiards. I can’t wait to show Trey and Dad when they come up here. The place is great. Live jazz music, including an eclectic set of gaming devices. You have pool tables, ping pong tables, chess tables, foosball tables, scrabble tables…. yes scrabble tables… It is a big thing now apparently. Scrabble championships etc. It may be as big as chess one day.

Let me stop here for a second and remind the reader, that i’ve changed. I am very accepting of alcohol at this point. I would not say that i’m an alcoholic yet (one night out of a month can’t be alcoholic yet can it?) and i doubt i’ll ever be, but i’ve succomed the peer pressure of my environment and found it easier to order a drink then to explain why it is i do not drink.

If i had some lofty intitiative or statement and claim about the activity as a whole, then i’d stick to my conclusion re: alcohol. As it has been i have found no real change occur with the consumption of alcohol. As soon as i recognize a change in state i may back off of said consumption. As it is I enjoy the environment and activities involving alcohol.

You see the problem was, i was arguing for a completly sober and concious reality. I have yet to have my conscious altered by alcohol though. I feel anesthetized, but not altered. And So i’ve adopted the cowards commital. Does it make me weak?

So back to the story at hand. So the alocholic consumption begins now. I begin light with hard lemonade. The lemonade was weak, but it was to bypass the fact that my game had been out the window. Movement on the table in all directions, but no balls falling. I sucked. Only thing that made me feel better, was i was winning. Somehow.

The place is very laid back, and the crowd is incredibly mixed. Two women in the back playing ping pong, i glance over to see them laugh and begin kissing. Averting my eyes i notice the game is still going shitty. So i decide that this is going to be the last game. But the game lasts long. The female couple move from the ping pong table to an empty pool table. One of them walks up to me and Trey (a friend, not my brother confusing yet? wait for it…) stating that all the pool cues are light. I say yeah took me a bit to find this one, and she takes it from me. I shrug and trey says, “you need to lose the nice guy mentality, you will just get burned. You can’t hold the door open for all the women in this city, you’ll never get anywhere.”

I comment that i was tired of my suck-ass pool skills, it was a disgrace for my past, and bring up the offer to get something to eat. Outside the hall we begin moving along the labertine streets. Bleeker….. I’m lost at this point… No idea where i came from. Trey walks into a room with no discernable label.

“all the good places aren’t labeled on the outside,” The hallway curves to the left and behind a black curtain is the jam packed room with a roaring fireplace. The noise is unreal and constant. We are seated right next to the fireplace. I’m sweltering.

Angel’s Share: After meeting up with the girl we head to this packed little japanese restaurant and head to this unmarked door again. Pushing it open we find a quaint little japanese alcohol bar. Very adult like atmosphere and exceptionally classy clientele. After we are seated, i order the best screwdriver i’ve ever had in my life.

poison of choice btw…. posion? honestly… so dramatic…. I’m actually russian it appears. This joke seems to have been used before i think.

Moving on, we talk about a thousand different topics. I don’t really talk. I offer comments every so often, but i’m not an exceptionally verbose individual. I have topics of interest that are not considered “light” discourse. So the night progresses and the young woman mentions that she knows the voice of Gambit from the X-men cartoon. He prides himself on getting that accent correct. she proceeds to instruct me on how he went about finding the “source” of that accent.

I stopped her and told her that every geek i knew in Louisiana hated the way he butchered the new orleans accent. She laughed. I said but please don’t destroy his dream. Let him believe he is acurately portraying the south louisiana gentlemen.

At this point i realize i’m about as uncomfortable as ever, due to the nature of my seat. Apparently the seats were sized for japanese because i’m way to tall for it. I ask if we could get out of here, and we decide to head to the financial district to meet up with a “party” the girl knew of. As we made our way south we cut through china town. The young woman decides that she should invite her amazon friend out with us. We end up going into her home and see this huge loft style apartment. It is very beautiful, if not barren. We head to the irish pub where i listen to incredibly loud music and incredibly a woman drone on about her sexual exploits.

I came to this conclusion. Some people are so lonely that they have no inhibitions regarding their own private life. She was one of these people. She had to have lived in manhattan for at least 5 years and she reminded me of a firefly in the forests of louisiana. Strange eh? I know bear with me. She just continues to blink on and off, regardless the lack of security she creates for herself. In the end she is doing what she can to be recognized. It was highly annoying, because she kept stating some of the most ludicrous things. I think she also was incredibly “into” trey. I’ll be honest, he was at the center of every woman’s attention that night.

In the end he had a woman to go home to, and i’m sure that kept him straight. I cut out early. I was tired of listening to the woman beg for attention. Cult in wiscosin or some such, apparaently she grew up in it. Yeah…….. ok.

So thats the conclusion of my night. I wound my way through the streets toward the path train to get home at 1:45… Mary was asleep and i was still wide awake. I was also amazed at how I was sober.

love this quote… my next post is going to be philosophical, beware. IT is a philosophical rant about identity…

6 Responses to “funny little story…”

  1. mealymel Says:

    Sounds like a great night in many ways… i want to go to the billards place, too. 🙂

  2. snaars Says:

    [quote:2ad1a03457]Let me stop here for a second and remind the reader, that i’ve changed. I am very accepting of alcohol at this point.[/quote:2ad1a03457] I’m fascinated by your use of language. You say that you’ve changed as if it just happened, without your choice. Don’t misunderstand me – I’m not taking you to task. I drink. I don’t mind if you drink. You say that you gave in to peer pressure. Are you trying to avoid responsibility? I don’t think so. I think that you’re still adjusting to numerous life changes that have taken place recently. You’re experimenting. You are exploring possibilities, including different lifestyles. I say, good for you. Gather all the data you need. If you find yourself in a situation that makes you uncertain, err on the side of caution – but don’t feel guilty or weird. Just try to stay out of trouble.

  3. snaars Says:

    It sounds like you have a lot going on -emotionally speaking. I’m still getting to know you and Mary so to make a comment about your life is not easy for me. However I think when a person is not completely happy with their life or aspects of it, they should make decisions carefully. Your post was rather interesting to me. You made a lot of comments that can almost come off meaning nothing. But I think you pointed out some interesting people that in a way reflect your emotional/mental state right now. Or how your trying to figure things out. I think a part of you is wondering how you ended up where you are, maybe you are not quite happy with things the way they are; and maybe your looking to other areas to find happiness, peace or contentment, and purpose for your life. Do you think you will find it hanging out with people your not really comfortable or happy with? Do you think you will find it doing things that are not a part of your character? You?re a smart person; I think you are a good person. You have always been nice to me. Michael appreciates you. And I find a lot of good qualities in you. Bottom line, or what my point is, what ever your looking for you should try and find it by taking your time, think about who you are, what your needs are, and what you want for your future. You probably don’t have all the answers -for me I find when I consider things I have an easier time finding my way. I am usually much happier with the end decision. And at least I am not mad at someone else because I let them make a decision for me. I can always accept my own choices good or bad. Anyway, don’t know if I am clear on this or not. Sorry if not. I hope you find your way. And like Michael said ‘don’t get into trouble’. –Michelle

  4. mayfly Says:

    i thought the reasons you had for deciding to start drinking were that you found it difficult to go out around here without drinking at least a little just to be social, and stress at work made you enjoy slight numbing effect it had on you. that is, your previous shunning of all things that altered or numbed consciousness had proven to be nearly impossible in the high-stress working world in which you now found yourself. additionally i thought you had come to the conclusion that your previous way of dealing with stress (video games) mentally did the same thing as alcohol, that is, it distracts you. sounds like michelle is worried… i think david does feel comfortable around his friend trey (they have a lot in common except trey is several years older) but just didn’t enjoy the rest of the company. so it was just kind of like he went out with a friend but didn’t much care for the friends of said friend. happens to the best of us… oh well. have fun at the poker tournament tonight! that you SHOULD enjoy i think! immensely! love, m

  5. wduluoz Says:

    to avoid confusion I demand everyone from now on call me wilbur or god whichever you feel is best. wilbur

  6. dramke Says:

    [quote:7114dde800=”WDuluoz”]to avoid confusion I demand everyone from now on call me wilbur or god whichever you feel is best. wilbur[/quote:7114dde800] not me! but it was confusing there for a little while when i was reading the entry.