April 30, 2006


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A newly found habit. I will attempt to blog at least once a week, and sunday will be my upload date. If you expect me to give you a time, then you asking for more then i can give.

I wish i could blame my lack of blogging on lack of interesting activities, but i really must blame my lack of blogging on having too many interesting activities in which leaving very little room to actually document my life. Which was one of the reasons of having this blog. The other was to clarify ideas. I enjoy the later more then the former.

SO what have i been up to, you might ask. my answer is as follows formatted in bullet style for your viewing pleasure and idealic cohesion.

– Well it is official. The seven cases that went to trial a long time back, settled before the first plaintiff spoke. Our client was exceptionally pleased. And the partners who handled the case were pleased with my work. So i was given more cases going to trial.
– Our most senior legal assistant (paralegal) resigned three weeks from last friday, and had his last day a week from last friday. I was given all of his cases that were with LIRR, who was our client in the above mentioned bulletin.
– Another para resigned on the same days respectively, giving me some of her LIRR work, primarily IME billing. Inane work, time absorptive.
– Girlbean started around two weeks ago and i’m pleased to say she doesn’t hate her job yet. Since she has started, i have enjoyed eating lunch and talking about interesting non-tv-related items, and even psuedo-intellectual items as well. Also it is interesting hearing her interpretations of the work place.

Personal Life
– Two weeks ago we went to Niagara falls. It was awesome. Best vacation i’ve ever had to date. Well let’s be honest, it is the only vacation i’ve had where i was an adult able to make up my mind where i wanted to go. (Scratch that, i guess going to bloomington, i had freedom to choose, but very little money also.)
– last night i saw two movies that i enjoyed.
First: The City of God: It was an exceptionally beautiful film. The editing was excellent. The cinematography was gritty and realistic. The angles were gorgeous. The story was vivid and real, due to it being based on a true story. The city is exceptionally fucked up, like a city with the pretense of God should be. Overall: I highly reccomend viewing this once. It is like Hotel Rowanda, in that you have to see it at least once to truly understand life in all it’s facets.
Second: Thank you for Smoking: Cute, slightly witty. Not as witty as the trailer makes it out to be. There are some strange lines in the movie that irk me. I hate the use of rhetoric to bypass truth, but then again i knew i’d hate that part of movie. His use of rhetoric was exceptionally well planned and executed. The editing was very sharp. The story was a bit awkward. He never really questioned the moral judgements he made on a day to day basis, and there certainly wasn’t a character change over time. It could be interpreted as an ironic movie, and perhaps it was. There just were too many truthes to make the irony stark. Overall: Not a big reccomendation, but it certainly was a “pleasant and enjoyable” movie if that suits your mood.

-okay enough typing. That feeling is coming back.. the feeling that forces me to abandon so many entries as drafts. It is the feeling of a lack of progression.

LSAT update: I’m studying, its june 12th. I’m scared.

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  1. girlbean Says:

    You really missed it today. Topics ’round the pizza included why you should beat your children and about 6 TV shows I’ve never heard of. That was following an hour-long gab session right behind my desk concerning the status of everyone’s weekend. In other words: a fine day to take a personal day. You must’ve seen it coming. But no, I still don’t hate it.