May 29, 2006

let me begin with an apology.

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I know, i promised more frequent updates, and if there is anyone paying attention to this little voice in the middle of cyber space, it can offer no explanation for the drought in publishing.

I will call it writer’s block, and move on.

I actually have something to write about now. Three news peices struck my interest over the course of the past days.

The first is a news piece about abortion, here is a quote:

‘Every rational person, no matter what his or her stance on the rights of the unborn child, has to agree that the ideal for any woman and the health of any nation is fewer, or better still no, abortions,’ a spokeswoman said.

She is absolutly correct, but she is also blind to the full context of the picture. Not to mention she is being horribly generalistic in her approach to summing up “rational people.” I love the idea that in her mind the abortions are the problem, and not large amount of unwanted pregnancies.

Humanity always surprieses me sometimes. I’m just wondering why. I usually don’t track personal activities of insanity like this, I like to believe that individuals can do strange things and the media often disseminates too many images of humanity doing the most odd things in the world. BUT this story struck me, because it just begs the question why. He seems successful, family and kids. Why kill the kids? Maybe they should have had the abortion pill available for him during her pregnancy?

Speaking of insufferable acts, you see one of the main reasons i’m struck with an urge to write is because of the news recently. God hates Bush, but it isn’t for the the deaths of an immense amount of individduals (website accuracte not yet determined), the destruction of America’s image to the world at large, sinking America farther into debt, or even the destruction of any barrier between church and state. No it is because America is showing good will toward homosexuals.

And so i leave you, with this in mind. No matter how much our society comits self-destruction, Modern science never ceases to surprise this little (perhaps i’m considered large) man from louisiana. Perhaps I could be a superhero now.

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