July 24, 2006

Physically drained.

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I’m so freaking tired. Walking with crutches is the most grueling thing i’ve done in a while. My body has responded to the extreme walking by taking shape. It didn’t take nearly as long as i thought it would. My arms alone…. ok i know you don’t give a rats ass, well nor do i to tell you the truth. Except one minor thing. Mary likes and will love it in a week.

So i’m thinking i may try and keep it up after wards. Not walking on crutches, but working out.

Work sucks. 65% of my job requires file work, which in turn requires leg and hand work, which in turn is obstructed by crutch work. I’m forced to appeal to my friends and colleagues for their assistance, which they offer cheerfully. Weatherly in particular. She is more then happy to assist me in my work.

Nevertheless i feel guilty. As soon as i’m walking without the crutches, i’m going to be so very pleased. oh so very pleased.

SO one paralegal resigns, and another is fired. Strange eh? I guess. High turn around and all that. I don’t really see why, the people i work for are nice enough and the work is ok. It has to be the pay.

Ok i’m wiped out. GOODNIGHT WORLD! see you tomorrow… i’ll be the limping rat.

One Response to “Physically drained.”

  1. mayfly Says:

    congrats on your positive review. looking forward to being held in your strong arms . . . love, m