January 11, 2007

Girlbean recently got published in a peerreviewed journal.

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I want to tell the firm all about it as well, but there is a problem. She doesn’t want me to.Â

I just keep thinking that they always advertise when they do great things like have children, win cases, get mentioned in major law publications as being the #1 railroad lawyer in the country. I think they should hear that our own paralegal extraordinaire got published in a peerreviewed journal.Â

This is the talent that they have working for the firm.

She doesn’t want me to, some false modesty or some stuff. I say begone with the modesty and show your skills when your skills deem being shown. Oh well. My lips are sealed.

2 Responses to “Girlbean recently got published in a peerreviewed journal.”

  1. girlbean Says:

    Thank ye for not announcing it at work. But thank ye for the shoutout just the same.

  2. mealymel Says: