January 13, 2007

Here we go.

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Pictures of our newly upgraded apartment 2.0.

with a nice hdtv television and a wii

the wii is hidden under papers.

 this is the infamous 100_1703.JPG television and clutter

more television and an attempt at interior decorating. Mary did well eh? 100_1704.JPG

100_1705.JPG right of the television: cds, kitchenware, books, boardgames, dining.

left of thetelevision: exit, urban traffic, gangsta wannabees.100_1697.JPG

but this is 100_1698.JPG the television.

mary’s stereo… and records.. nicely decorating the wall.100_1699.JPG

100_1700.JPG mary’s monkey’s. Beautifully carved from Kenya via a little store in Lafayette.

hell hath no furry like a kitty scorned.100_1696.JPG

100_1713.JPG All in all i think the room turned out very well. 100_1714.JPG

did i mention the television?


only cost me and mary 400 bucks also. I’m proud of that fact.

Probably the last tv i buy for a long long time.

Dad: “did you get cable yet?”

Me: “No”

Dad: “when you gonna get cable? why have a tv and no cable?”

Me: “Never.”

Dad: “thats a shame.”

Me: “I watch movies on it and it has a beautiful picture for films, and not to mention i play games on it. It isn’t like the tv is just there unplugged.”

Dad: “I guess…”

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  1. girlbean Says:

    Hey, I think it all looks great! It’s definitely more of a Mary-meets-David style. Thumbs up.