February 13, 2007

Bob Woodward

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I like this article.

The question of course is whether Libby lied on the stand. Woodward’s unfortunate testimony is to support the fact that Libby didn’t leak Plame’s information, that in fact the then-Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage informed Woodward of Plame’s identity. I’m a bit dissappointed about this, becuase Woodward is one of my favorite characters. I like what he has done for the country in terms of journalistic integrety, and I appretiate the fact that he has been equated to what a journalist should be.

It is odd to see him testifying about a leak in the administration in reference to supporting the a white house official. Makes me feel wierd, but then again he would have been subpoenaed no matter what to testify.

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  1. snaars Says:

    Speaking of administration leeks!