February 13, 2007


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simply wow.

I know there are differences between this and the origional, but the idea is interesting in and of itself… like one comment said, the notes are flat. which makes sense because wind instruments are played with blowing and there is a computer regulating the air which would make the air very accurate… inhumanely accurate… so ..

just thought you may enjoy this… and the fact that our robot overlords will be taking us over soon.

P.S. this is a quote from Engadget. Famous forum quote that is brought up everytime a movie of a robot doing something very human like appears on the web.

P.S.S. I need to start working out. Mary has complemented me several times at looking cute these last few days, but i need to shed a few pounds before the robots come in and take over, they need healthy strong slaves. So i need to get a few weights… maybe some wii weights to make working out a more virtual obsession.

3 Responses to “wow.”

  1. wduluoz Says:

    i see you one coltrane, and I raise you a trumpet playing robot.

  2. arglor Says:

    well he certainly has more then skill with the trumpet.. he has the robot dance down as well..

  3. snaars Says:

    Hey, that robot gave me the finger at 1:03!!! I should get out my weights as well. I’ll be damned if I’m going to let the robes play trumpet in my apartment.