February 15, 2007

Darwin vs. GOD, Round 2007: and… Darwin WINS!

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Kansas. You may remember a while back i posted something about the school board in kansas ruling against teaching darwin without a creationist alternate theory, well now apparently they ruled in the opposite direction.

Such is the progression of the democratic system. Ideas change by election cycles. Now darwin will be taught in school and Crationism Here is a summary quote from playfuls.com.

“The Board recommended the deletion of paragraphs that dealt with the evolution vs. creation problem, and allowed school manuals to include key-terms from evolution-theory that refer to the common origin of life on Earth and random mutations that lead to the appearance of new species. The new standards are said to reflect mainstream scientific views of evolution.

‘There seems to be a pattern,’ said board member Steve Abrams. ‘Anything that might question the veracity of evolution is deleted.'”

This is good news.

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