April 9, 2007

Points of contention, points of clarification

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This is going to be a very strange post.
1) The new NIN album has been played solo throughout my entire apartment/car for the weekend. Easter for me meant doing little dances to NIN new funky album. Thats right friends, his new album has a serious funk to it. I love it more then anything. “and the bass goes BOMB” may sound like a bad lyric, but coupled with the beat and the buildup and the presentation, you will be singing it a lot.

2) We went looking at wedding bands last friday. I’ve come to a realization, not all rings are created equal. There is this manufacturing style of ring that is cut in a “comfort” style that is far more comfortable then any ring I’ve ever wore. In fact, after wearing several comfort style rings, i’ve come to the conclusion that i’ll get no other ring. Mary is having difficulty getting a ring to work with her engagement ring. We should be on the precipice of purchase soon.

3) I visited with one of my friends saturday night, it was enjoyable. His children are growing up so big.

I think that is it. Talk to you all later… get the new NIN album, you will enjoy it.

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