May 19, 2007


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Tell me how this f-ing works. I stay home from work to work on something that i need to get into the mail on Monday, and at ~2:00 I get a call from an attorney at work asking me if I can come in on SUNDAY!

If i couldn’t come in on Friday… it would be a safe assumption that I can’t come in on Sunday! right?

Safe assumptions all around…… right?!

You would assume that ……… right?

And me being a fucking idiot, said yes. Don’t ask me why. I can’t say no to these people.

Want to know what the kicker of this ENTIRE chirade is? I’m going to work for a case that is not even mine! It belongs to another paralegal that “can’t make it on Sunday…” nope… “simply cannot make it.”

Why did she call? and why the fuck did i say yes. I’m still not finished with what i need to have finished.

still… not… finished…

err… technically i’m finished i just need to let the document go to be honest… just let it go.

*edited for clarity at 1:16 A.M.*

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