January 19, 2005


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I have recently seen the following movies, and these are my thoughts:

The Aviator:
This is a good movie about a man who i never knew about, Howard Hughes. His life has to have been one of the most interesting lives i’ve ever seen. I enjoy the socially disfunctional individualized life. I enjoy the idea that there are people who do not enjoy social interaction. I am this way, so it is like a brotherhood of individuals. This doesn’t mean we are social misfits, in fact sometimes we can be real witty in social situations. It means we don’t enjoy it. The movie portrays his psychological profile in a very artistic fashion. In summary the movie was abbrassive. The main character’s psychological impairment is protrayed through film effects. There are these parts where he will be standing in front of people taking pictures and the camera will focus psychotically on the bright flashes of light and the glass from the bulbs under foot. This is all to shake you into a state of discomfort.

Then there is the scene. This scene or set of scenes had to have been one of the most abbrasive scenes i’ve seen in a while. You see him wreck a plane into a beverly hills home. The sheer agony demonstrated in that tortuous scene was disturbing. I remember feeling my body go through specific changes over time. I felt myself begin sweating and i felt as though i were going to vomit. A running theme throughout the film is his ability to spell Quarantine as a method of calming himself down when he begins an episode. Q-U-A-R-A-N-T-I-N-E. I did this much to the amusement of the man next to me. He saw how disturbed i was with the scene. He snickered and whispered if i was ok. I nodded briefly and averted my eyes from the screen. Then came the aftermath. I felt this intense rush of cool air all over my body. It felt good. Wish i knew the phsyiological definitions of what my body went through, but i don’t.

Overall the movie is a good movie, if for nothing more then to see Leonardo actually act and to learn some interesting facts about Howard Hugh’s life.

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (Bad)

Kinsey (Good)

Hotel Rowanda (Good)

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