January 19, 2005

Hello… from the grave..

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I post..

Yes i’ve taken to an erratic schedule of posting. Why? Because I’ve been absorbed into another world, one where fantasy runs amuck and i’m it’s unwitting pawn. No honestly i got World of Warcraft and have since been playing at least once a day. Its a kewl game, and i’m enjoying the mechanics of it. The most enjoyable thing i pull from the game is that it is not obsessive oriented, so i can play when i want and even if i play for thirty minutes to an hour i still progress in the game. The storyline is also one of the most enjoyable game storylines i’ve ever seen.

I currently play a night elf druid. I can morph into a panther, bear, and a sea lion. I won’t bore you with the strengths and weaknesses of each morph ideology. In fact i think that will be the extent of my discourse about the game. Except that i feel i need to defend my enjoyment of the game.

I look at life like this, as you have seen in my journal i can be harsh to people who live in false sense of security and don’t recognize the failings in our current political and global structure. I hate to say it, but what we face in this day and age is the potential (key phrase is potential, the world could get better through our own actions and the actions of others) global devastation.

Below is a list of things that should keep you awake at night.
– Iraq War
– Global Warming
– Growing polution of all methods of environment
– Continued Racial/Gender discrimination existing in America, Europe, and the World as a whole.
– Growing dominence of Religious moral authority.
– Growing control of corporate interests(should i say growing? maybe waning? perhaps? oh hell it is so big now you really have difficulty judging if it is getting bigger)
– Arbitrary interpretations of truth
– Dogmatic interpretations of truth (hehe funny eh? neither is good)
– Growing nuclear threat (not neccessarily from the development of more nuclear warheads, but the lack of dissassembling the many we have. I’m not sure if we are still creating warheads.)
– Failure in our school systems (honestly, we pay less into education then i think is neccessary for a functioning educational system. Instead we pay political pundits to pass opinions off as fact. We pay a lot for the latter.)
– Lack of social security for the future, we instead get to plan our own retirement system since the politicians claim they can’t do it. (Interesting fact i came across in discussing this with Trey, there is a good argument for privatizing social security. It involves politicians taking responsibility for their lack of accounting skills. See if the politicians said, “Look we had social security working like clockwork, then we needed to buy a {insert whatever you want here perhaps trip to a sunny beach? or a new tank? whatever you consider the most distressing}, so we got together and began thinking that we should not take on so much responsibility and thereby say we should privatize social security. By the way this is not a new problem and it is not an extremely old problem. I (meaning GWBush) was not the first to use the funds, but we knew it was a problem before i used the funds. So don’t blame me for the problems.”)
– American Foreign Policy altering foreign opinions of Americans overall.
– The Rape and Pillage of third world countries for resources.
– Widespread poverty and the growing gap between middle class and upper class. I.e. disproportionate distribution of wealth and opportunity according to population.
– Religious extremist actions.

With so many worldly problems facing you that you feel impotent to fix the situation, i argue that asking for complete cohesion with the harsh work aspects of life is an improbable and often super-erogatory request. We must have entertainment and we must have disconnection. It does not even need to be productive disconnection but it might be. I use video games and movies as my disconnection. Which brings me to my next post… which i will get to.

i’m done… please feel free to add more to this list. I’m sure you have your own waking nightmares to contend with.

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