October 3, 2005

the interview…

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It didn’t go so well. I was doing great until she asked me this question, “What in your experience makes you passionate about violent abuse against women?” errr…. uhmmm…

what am i supposed to say about this? Yes in fact i abused a woman yesterday and thought, “Hmm this isn’t right… i shouldn’t do this… in fact i don’t think ANYONE should do this… where is the sanctuary for families organization, i’ll join their org and work to stop ANYONE from hitting another woman again.”

… oh yeah the job i was applying for was an administrative assistant’s position at a local non-proift org called Sanctuary for Families, the organization gives sanctuary for families in abusive situations. The organization also offers legal advice and assistance to these same women. Was the interview bad per say? no not terribly. Was it good? could have been better.

In the end it was an interview and i had some hits and some misses. One particular hit was more of a recovery, but i was asked if i had any questions about the organization, in which i replied, “Yes, i was curious if we get direct observation of the cause and effect relationships between my work and the progress of the organization as a whole.” In which she responded, yes i’m really glad you asked this, that will actually be my job.. detailing how your work is effecting the overall progression of the organization as a whole.

ok well i have to go to lunch.

3 Responses to “the interview…”

  1. mayfly Says:

    ha, ha!

  2. wduluoz Says:

    at least you didnt say, “Oh I am really passionate about abusing women.” Wilbur

  3. mayfly Says:

    especially considering he is! 😯