December 18, 2005

evening’s festivities…

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Michelle came to visit. We spent a majority of today walking. I took her on my aimless catch everything tour. We went to NYC via PATH to 33rd street and walked from there to times square, then to rockefeller center, stopped at some places and did a little last minute shopping, then aimlessly meandered through central park, paying homage to frozen lakes, alice visiting from wonderland, an egyptian obelisk, and other various sights on a path that was destined to bring us to the guggenheim. Then we made our way back.

Most disturbing image: A statue of a woman with the skin of half her head on down to her privates ripped off. She was pregnant so you saw the child in the womb.

Most memorable sight: An obelisk brought all the way from Egypt. one huge chunk of sandy material.

After returning home from this expedition, I ended up getting home in time to go to a friend of our’s holiday party. It was fun. There were a lot of people there i did not know. It was highly enjoyable. After minor political discourse, in which i was sorely able to contribute, We began breaking into our own groups. Mat and I talked about DnD for a bit. He was a bit concerned about my new character and what i’ve been thinking about playing. That talk lasted a bit. I told him my character ideas. He thought up a few quirks himself. But then the fun began. Mat and a few friends began talking about television which caused me to exit the room and i was thrust into a discourse about current day films.

It was great. We were talking about various movies all over the spectrum. Kung fu fighting for some reason was one of the wavelengths of movie type discussed. I didn’t really participate in that portion of the discourse.

We moved from the invariably great films of our modern day like fight club, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, momento, etc into more eclectic movies that are good and new and not necessarily accepted like saddest music in the world, spring summer fall winter and spring, etc.. I’m rambling at this point.

It was a good night. I enjoyed the discussion. Didn’t feel out of place at all. It was awesome. No one pointed out my lack of alcoholic beverage which was nice.

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