December 19, 2005

trials and tribulations of StryxDomina

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her tales amaze you, but until it occurs first hand you never know the fury that may be wrought.

I was graced with the prescience of my cousin StryxDomina this weekend. It was a very awesome visitation. We explored many parts of Manhattan I have yet to see as per post before, but today was to be her last half day in NYC. She had plans. Mainly to go to NYC and see wall street during a work day. Apparently her phone had plans also. Those plans didn’t involve being charged up nice and ready for extensive discourse.

-> point of reference, she asked me why she seemed to attract conservative men and I wish I had had presence of mind to alert her to the fact that going to wall street wasn’t the best way to not attract conservative men. Just a post thought.

So we decided the best route would be to get my landlord to buzz her in and leave my apartment door unlocked so she could into the house and retrieve her bags. OH my. Little did we know we have a third party that has equal access to our apartment. He has been recently in a contest for Queen. I forgot he comes into our apartment and washes his clothes. I forgot. I sooooo should have left a note to maintain the unlocked status of the door. But I did not. Stryx’s travel luck is such that the door was locked. I gave her my keys to get into the apartment. So now as we speak she is racing back to my home and grab her belongings, then she is going to race to LGA and hopefully catch her plane that is supposed to be leaving the airport at 5:03.

I’m hopeful, but I’m also on contingency mode.

But of course there is no real way for me to know if she didn’t make it to the plane because she doesn’t have a fully charged cell phone, unless she borrows someone else’s phone to make the call.

I feel bad, had I thought more in advance I’d have remembered to write a note for our next door neighbor. But I did not.

That is a lot of failure’s in a row. Stryx is bad luck when it comes to traveling. Remind me never to plan a trip to Europe with her ;).

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  1. stryxdomina Says:

    where is your sense of adventure Nietzche? Not willing to risk Europe with me huh? coward. Well as you know, i did indeed miss my flight. After much begging, pleading, crying and basically looking as pitiful as I felt, the ticket agent was able to get me flights that would get me to Denver. I naively thought that I would be able to visit friends in Denver then catch a bus the next day down to Colorado Springs. Flight delays in chicago got me into Denver about 1:30. For some reason my friends didn’t return my calls. The next day after far more bus connections and time than I anticipated, I am on my way to C. Springs. Problem, I need to get to the airport there because I had left my car in longterm parking. Problem, there are no buses that go to the airport. Problem, I really need my car because I must get to work that night. Solution: find cute guy on bus and not so subtly hint for a ride to the airport. Luckly he wasn’t the penniless college student he appeared. Or at least he did have transportation. I end up getting home in time to feed some very hungry cats, clean up and get to work. A very long night at work. sigh. At least my car was still in the parking lot.